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Below are sites that we believe can be helpful to you in your growth and study of God's word. Since these are mostly external sites, we can not control the content on them. For that reason we recommend that you get out your Bible and study to verify the things said on these sites. When you click on these a new window will be opened which leaves the Church of Christ at West Huntsville web site.

AP Apologetics Press, Inc. - Spiritually sound and scientifically accurate materials
Colley Books Books by the Colley Family - Our own Glenn, Cindy, Caleb, and Hannah
GBNTV Gospel Broadcasting Network - 24x7 Christian Broadcasting
(View it online)
Search In Search of the Lord's Way - 25 years of broadcasting
L2L Lads to Leaders - Youth Training Program
Friday Night Singings North Alabama Friday Night Singings
PDI Publishing Designs, Inc. - Books with Class
Gospel Hour The International Gospel Hour - Nation-wide radio program
Silencing of God The Silencing of God - the truth behind the dismantling of America's Christian heritage
TFT Truth for Today - World Mission School

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Beginners' Sign Language Class: Sunday Afternoons at 4:00pm

Hair Care @ Brookshire Nursing Home: Tuesday Mornings

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Golden Seniors: Thursday Mornings

Service Group Meetings: Sunday Evenings after Worship

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