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We attempt to place all sermons preached from the pulpit at the Church of Christ at West Huntsville on our web site. Our intent is that they will remain here for as many years as possible. In addition, all sermons are available on CD for a minimal charge.

The sermons are in MP3 format: a compressed form that should allow them to be enjoyed by people with internet connections of all speeds. The average size of a lesson is about 5 MB and each lesson can be downloaded at 56 kbps (dialup modem speed) in about ten minutes. If the sound quality seems too low (i.e. can't be understood), try using a different MP3 player.

We believe that you will find each of these lessons of some value in your life. We encourage you to get out your Bible and use it to verify the things that are said. And if you are ever in the area, we would love for you to join us and hear a lesson from the Word of God.

Sermons by date - most recent first

Topic Date Speaker
Q & A 2018-02-18 pm Glenn Colley
From Where Do School Shooters Come? 2018-02-18 am Glenn Colley
Remember 2018-02-11 pm Paul Owen
The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11) 2018-02-11 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 2018-02-04 pm Glenn Colley
Baptism 2018-02-04 am Glenn Colley
Lying 2018-01-28 pm Glenn Colley
Prayer 2018-01-28 am Glenn Colley
End Times: The Kingdom 2018-01-21 pm Dave Miller
End Times: Armageddon 2018-01-21 class Dave Miller
End Times: The Antichrist 2018-01-21 am Dave Miller
End Times: Tribulation 2018-01-20 pm Dave Miller
End Times: The Rapture 2018-01-19 pm Dave Miller
Stewardship: Always Abounding 2018-01-14 pm Dale Hubbard
Stewardship: Wise Givers 2018-01-14 class Dale Hubbard
Stewardship: Blessed by the Best 2018-01-14 am Dale Hubbard
True Worship 2018-01-07 am James Andrews
10 Things to Do before Winter 2017-12-31 am Glenn Colley
Making Change 2017-12-24 pm Cory Waddell
7 Characteristics of Joseph 2017-12-24 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 2017-12-17 pm Glenn Colley
Conversion of the Phillipian Jailor 2017-12-17 am Glenn Colley
The Faithfulness of Daniel 2017-12-10 pm Glenn Colley
7 Powerful Life Lessons from Daniel 3 2017-12-10 am Glenn Colley
10 Things about the Second Coming 2017-12-03 pm Glenn Colley
Jesus is Our King 2017-12-03 am Glenn Colley
6 Things the Lord Hates 2017-11-26 pm Glenn Colley
Be an Apprentice of Jesus 2017-11-26 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 2017-11-19 pm Glenn Colley
Ezekiel 2017-11-19 am Glenn Colley
What Must I Do? 2017-11-15 pm Eric Lyons
AGAPE 2017-11-12 pm Danny Holmes
Prayer 2017-11-12 am James Andrews
What Shall I Do then with Jesus? 2017-11-08 pm Tim Orbison
Walking in the Light 2017-11-05 pm Robert Hatfield
Send the Light 2017-11-05 class Robert Hatfield
The Tempting Darkness 2017-11-05 am Robert Hatfield
Shine the Light 2017-11-04 pm Robert Hatfield
Turn on the Light 2017-11-03 pm Robert Hatfield
...Who Can Be Against Us? 2017-11-01 pm Brian Giselbach
The Miscalculation of Moses 2017-10-29 am Paul Owen
Who Do You Say I Am? 2017-10-25 pm Dave Miller
Authority of the Eldership 2017-10-22 pm Keith Anderson
Love 2017-10-22 am Glenn Colley
Will Not the Judge of All the Earth Do Right? 2017-10-18 pm Caleb Colley
Q & A 2017-10-15 pm Glenn Colley
Things That Will Not Exist in Heaven 2017-10-15 am Glenn Colley
Where Are You? 2017-10-11 pm Bill Irby
Memory 2017-10-08 pm Glenn Colley
6 Things God Wants to Give You 2017-10-08 am Glenn Colley
Shall I Forgive My Brother? 2017-10-04 pm Glenn Colley
What to Say When a Child Says "I'm Gay" 2017-10-01 pm Glenn Colley
Characteristics of the Heroes of Faith 2017-10-01 am Glenn Colley
Shall We Continue in Sin? 2017-09-27 pm John Branch
Q & A 2017-09-24 pm Glenn Colley
Jesus Cleanses the Temple 2017-09-24 am Glenn Colley
What Is Your Soul Worth? 2017-09-20 pm Kyle Butt
What We Put In 2017-09-17 pm Tavaro Hanna
Baptism 2017-09-17 am Glenn Colley
Whom Shall I Send? 2017-09-13 pm James Andrews
The Story of Jesus 2017-09-10 pm Drew Suttles
God and Weather 2017-09-10 am Glenn Colley
Biomimetics: Evidence of Design 2017-09-06 pm Jeff Miller
Athaliah: A Character Study (Part 2) 2017-09-03 pm Glenn Colley
Athaliah: A Character Study (Part 1) 2017-09-03 am Glenn Colley
Kicking against the Goads 2017-08-27 pm Glenn Colley
The Church in Laodicea 2017-08-27 am Glenn Colley
Not a Fan 2017-08-20 pm Cody Starnes
Overcoming Worry in Life 2017-08-20 am Scott Colvin
Q & A 2017-08-13 pm Glenn Colley
The Church at Philadelphia 2017-08-13 am Glenn Colley
The Invitation 2017-08-06 pm Glenn Colley
The Church at Sardis 2017-08-06 am Glenn Colley
4 Reasons Salvation is Great 2017-07-30 pm John Branch
God's Little Man: Zacchaeus 2017-07-30 am Leonard Jordan
Luke 15 2017-07-23 pm Glenn Colley
The Compromising Church 2017-07-23 am Glenn Colley
Miracles of Jesus 2017-07-16 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 2017-07-09 pm Glenn Colley
Jezebel 2017-07-09 am Glenn Colley
Love 2017-07-02 pm Glenn Colley
The Church at Ephesus 2017-07-02 am Glenn Colley
How Can We Save Souls without Meeting Their Needs? 2017-06-25 pm Paul Burgess
Your Time and Money Show Your Priorities 2017-06-25 pm Jacob Owen
Why We Are under the New Law 2017-06-25 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 2017-06-18 pm Glenn Colley
Godly Fathers 2017-06-18 am Glenn Colley
The Four Statements of Deborah 2017-06-11 pm Glenn Colley
Is It Well with My Soul? 2017-06-11 am Glenn Colley
Grief 2017-06-04 pm Ron Williams
A Case Study on King Saul 2017-06-04 am Glenn Colley
The Plan of Salvation 2017-05-28 am James Andrews
Q & A 2017-05-21 pm Glenn Colley
Flax 2017-05-21 am Glenn Colley
Rizpah (II Samuel 21) 2017-05-14 pm Glenn Colley
The Mothers in Timothy's Life 2017-05-14 am Glenn Colley
Treating Others the Way Jesus Treated Others 2017-05-10 pm David Lipe
Providence 2017-05-09 pm David Lipe
Understanding God's Word 2017-05-07 pm David Lipe
Marks of a Disciple 2017-05-07 class David Lipe
Jesus Is Our Mediator 2017-05-07 am David Lipe
Edification 2017-04-30 am Glenn Colley
The Foolishness of God is Wiser than the Wisdom of Men 2017-04-23 pm Michael Benavides
Service to God 2017-04-23 pm Titus Thompson
Give Your Worry to God 2017-04-23 am Paul Owen
Q & A 2017-04-16 pm Glenn Colley
The Resurrection: The Foundation of Faith 2017-04-16 am Glenn Colley
Christian Values (Part 2) 2017-04-09 pm Glenn Colley
Christian Values (Part 1) 2017-04-09 am Glenn Colley
What's in Your Room? 2017-04-02 pm Glenn Colley
Prophecies of the Plan 2017-04-02 am Glenn Colley
The Wasteful Son 2017-03-26 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 2017-03-19 pm Glenn Colley
Uncleanness 2017-03-19 am Glenn Colley
Jude: Contend for the Faith 2017-03-12 pm Glenn Colley
Faith 2017-03-12 am Glenn Colley
The Dangers In Cell Phones (Part 4) 2017-03-05 pm Jon Zirpolo
The Dangers In Cell Phones (Part 3) 2017-03-05 am Jon Zirpolo
The Dangers In Cell Phones (Part 1) 2017-03-04 pm Jon Zirpolo
The Dangers In Cell Phones (Part 2) 2017-03-04 pm Jon Zirpolo
Joy of Salvation 2017-02-26 pm Glenn Colley
David and Bathsheba 2017-02-26 am Glenn Colley
The Mission of Your Marriage 2017-02-19 am Glenn Colley
Benevolence 2017-02-12 pm Glenn Colley
Giving Is Worship 2017-02-12 am Glenn Colley
The Trinity (Part 2) 2017-02-05 pm Glenn Colley
The Trinity (Part 1) 2017-02-05 am Glenn Colley
Calvinism 2017-01-29 am Glenn Colley
Why Do We Suffer (Part 5) 2017-01-22 pm Dave Miller
Why Do We Suffer (Part 4) 2017-01-22 class Dave Miller
Why Do We Suffer? (Part 3) 2017-01-22 am Dave Miller
Why Do We Suffer? (Part 2) 2017-01-21 pm Dave Miller
Why Do We Suffer? (Part 1) 2017-01-20 pm Dave Miller
Q & A 2017-01-15 pm Glenn Colley
Partiality 2017-01-15 am Glenn Colley
Lessons of Jesus in His Youth 2017-01-08 pm Glenn Colley
Is Anger the Great Justifier? 2017-01-08 am Glenn Colley
Beware of Materialism 2016-12-25 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 2016-12-18 pm Glenn Colley
God Is Our Rock 2016-12-18 am Glenn Colley
Ten Greatest Statements About Temptation (Part 1) 2016-12-11 am Glenn Colley
Fear Everlasting Hell 2016-12-04 pm Glenn Colley
Confessing Christ 2016-12-04 am Glenn Colley
Submit to One Another 2016-11-30 pm Ken Tyler
The Word of God 2016-11-27 pm Glenn Colley
Q & A 2016-11-20 pm Glenn Colley
Be Thankful (The 10 Lepers) 2016-11-20 am Glenn Colley
Hezekiah (Part 2) 2016-11-13 pm Glenn Colley
Hezekiah (Part 1) 2016-11-13 am Glenn Colley
Am I Being Used by Satan? 2016-11-09 pm Cliff Goodwin
How Can I Be Sure? 2016-11-08 pm Cliff Goodwin
Paul's Religion 2016-11-07 pm Cliff Goodwin
A Christian's Responsibility to Government 2016-11-06 pm Cliff Goodwin
Faith over Fear 2016-11-06 class Cliff Goodwin
Single Mindedness 2016-11-06 am Cliff Goodwin
Forgiveness 2016-11-02 pm Tim Orbison
Kingdom Parables 2016-10-30 am Glenn Colley
Reciprocal Worship 2016-10-26 pm Dave Miller
Five Truths Not Up for Debate 2016-10-23 pm Glenn Colley
Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth 2016-10-23 am Glenn Colley
Patient Christians 2016-10-19 pm Caleb Colley
Q & A 2016-10-16 pm Glenn Colley
Personal Evangelism 2016-10-16 am Glenn Colley
Marriage is a Decision 2016-10-12 pm Bill Irby
Call to Evangelize 2016-10-09 pm College Age
The Severity and Mercy of God 2016-10-09 am Paul Owen
Wheat and Tares 2016-10-02 pm Glenn Colley
Jesus Increased in Wisdom 2016-10-02 am Glenn Colley
How to Get Children to Heaven 2016-09-28 class Allen Webster
Nature Abhores a Vacuum 2016-09-25 am Glenn Colley
Disciplining Children 2016-09-18 pm Eric Lyons
Q & A 2016-09-18 pm Glenn Colley
Jesus in The Garden 2016-09-18 am Glenn Colley
Let Us Remember 2016-09-11 pm Tagliima Esene
God's Simplicity 2016-09-11 am Jody Apple
Do You Need an Engine? 2016-09-07 pm Kyle Butt
Life Lessons from Joseph Pt. II 2016-09-04 pm Glenn Colley
Life Lessons from Joseph Pt. I 2016-09-04 am Glenn Colley
Teachers Guide the Future of the Church 2016-08-28 am Glenn Colley
Principles of Faithfulness 2016-08-21 pm Tim Rice
Save the Family 2016-08-21 am Tim Rice
Q & A 2016-08-14 pm Glenn Colley
School Supplies 2016-08-14 am Glenn Colley
The Need to Teach Truth 2016-08-07 pm Paul Owen
Guarding Marriage 2016-08-07 am Glenn Colley
Sure of Our Salvation 2016-07-31 am Scott Colvin
Water 2016-07-17 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 2016-07-10 pm Glenn Colley
Care of Widows 2016-07-10 am Glenn Colley
Words 2016-07-03 pm Glenn Colley
Majesty 2016-07-03 am Glenn Colley
Elders Pt. II 2016-06-26 pm Glenn Colley
Elders Pt.I 2016-06-26 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 2016-06-19 pm Glenn Colley
F.A.T.H.E.R. 2016-06-19 am Glenn Colley
Christian Marriage 2016-06-12 pm Glenn Colley
The Thief On The Cross 2016-06-12 am Glenn Colley
Growing Up 2016-06-05 am Paul Owen
Choosing a Path 2016-05-29 am Glenn Colley
Will You Stand? 2016-05-22 pm Tate Sutton
The End 2016-05-22 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 2016-05-15 pm Glenn Colley
Glory 2016-05-15 am Glenn Colley
Every Soul Matters 2016-05-08 pm Clark Sims
Temptation 2016-05-08 am Clark Sims
Bible Hermeneutics 2016-05-01 pm Glenn Colley
The Bible Is... 2016-05-01 am Glenn Colley
Personal Evangelism 2016-04-24 pm Glenn Colley
Christ is Our Refuge 2016-04-24 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 2016-04-17 pm Glenn Colley
Modest Dress 2016-04-17 am Glenn Colley
Giving As We Are Prospered Pt II 2016-04-10 pm Glenn Colley
Giving As We Are Prospered Pt. I 2016-04-10 am Glenn Colley
Where is Your Treasure? 2016-04-03 pm Youth
When We Forget God 2016-04-03 am Paul Owen
First Responders 2016-03-27 am Glenn Colley
The Fellowship of The Gospel 2016-03-20 am Glenn Colley
Satan's Abilities and Limits 2016-03-13 pm Glenn Colley
Pursuing Holiness 2016-03-13 am Paul Owen
Heaven, The Soul's Destination 2016-03-06 pm Eric Owens
Salvation 2016-03-06 class Eric Owens
The Value of Values 2016-03-06 am Eric Owens
Living Like God 2016-03-05 class Eric Owens
Knowing God 2016-03-04 class Eric Owens
The History of The Invitation 2016-02-28 pm Glenn Colley
I Kings 18 2016-02-28 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 2016-02-21 pm Glenn Colley
Truth is Desirable and Attainable 2016-02-21 am Glenn Colley
Isaac: Foreshadowing Christ 2016-02-14 am Glenn Colley
Enemies 2016-02-07 pm Glenn Colley
Christian Transformation 2016-02-07 am Glenn Colley
The Promises of God 2016-01-31 am Glenn Colley
Jesus in 8 Words 2016-01-24 pm Glenn Colley
Difficulty of Restoring Those Who Were Once Faithful 2016-01-24 am Glenn Colley
Christians and Self Defense 2016-01-17 pm Glenn Colley
Pleasure or Happiness? 2016-01-17 am Glenn Colley
State Of The Congregation 2016-01-10 pm Glenn Colley
God's Awesome Promises 2016-01-10 am Glenn Colley
Q&A With Jesus 2016-01-03 pm Glenn Colley
Bridging The Gap 2016-01-03 am Glenn Colley
Zion 2015-12-27 am Glenn Colley
Prophecies of Christ's Birth 2015-12-20 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 2015-12-13 pm Glenn Colley
Make Peace With God 2015-12-13 am Glenn Colley
Islam vs. Christianity 2015-12-06 pm Glenn Colley
Hidden Man of the Heart 2015-12-06 am Glenn Colley
David and Absalom 2015-11-29 am Glenn Colley
Ten Words Describing God 2015-11-22 pm Glenn Colley
The Value Placed on Worship 2015-11-22 am Glenn Colley
The Power of Prayer 2015-11-18 pm Tom Holland
Q & A 2015-11-15 pm Glenn Colley
The Last Prophet Malachi 2015-11-15 am Glenn Colley
Looking for Christian Scientists 2015-11-11 pm Jeff Miller
Saul's Conversion 2015-11-08 am Glenn Colley
Spiritual Planning 2015-11-04 pm Bill Irby
The Name "Christian" 2015-11-01 pm Glenn Colley
The Unsung Hero Barnabas 2015-11-01 am Glenn Colley
Actions And Consequences 2015-10-28 pm Tim Orbison
Worshiping God's Way 2015-10-25 pm Don Blackwell
Elijah in the Pressure Cooker 2015-10-25 am Paul Owen
Jesus & Zacchaeus 2015-10-18 am Glenn Colley
Taming the Terrible Tongue 2015-10-14 class Eric Lyons
Faith: Modern vs. Bibical - Part 2 2015-10-11 pm James Weaver
Faith: Modern vs. Bibical - Part 1 2015-10-11 pm Tyler Ratledge
Overcoming Evagelistic Inertia 2015-10-11 am Rodney Kyle
8 Amazing Truths in Philippians - Part 2 2015-10-04 pm Glenn Colley
8 Amazing Truths in Philippians - Part 1 2015-10-04 am Glenn Colley
Children, Obey Your Parents in The Lord 2015-09-27 pm Glenn Colley
God's Laws by Exception 2015-09-27 am Glenn Colley
The Challange of Temptation 2015-09-23 class Kyle Butt
Q & A 2015-09-20 pm Glenn Colley
Jesus, The Lamb of God 2015-09-20 am Glenn Colley
Are You Like Asa? 2015-09-16 class B.J. Clarke
Are You in God's Family? 2015-09-15 class B.J. Clarke
The Universal Problem 2015-09-14 class B.J. Clarke
Where are You Going? 2015-09-13 pm B.J. Clarke
The Book of Life 2015-09-13 pm B.J. Clarke
The Book of Answers 2015-09-13 class B.J. Clarke
Biblical Poverty 2015-09-09 class Jeff Miller
Philipines Mission Report 2015-09-06 pm Ben Stevenson
On What is Your Faith Based? 2015-09-06 class Glenn Colley
Bringing The Lost Child Home 2015-08-30 am Glenn Colley
Let it Go 2015-08-23 pm Tim Rice
Don't Fight Against God 2015-08-23 am Tim Rice
Q & A 2015-08-16 pm Glenn Colley
Christian Grace in Marriage 2015-08-16 am Glenn Colley
Sharpening Our Sword 2015-08-09 pm Tate Sutton
Authority of The Scriptures 2015-08-09 am Glenn Colley
Christian Suffering 2015-08-02 pm Glenn Colley
Identifying The Church of Christ 2015-08-02 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 2015-07-26 pm Glenn Colley
Are You Hungry? 2015-07-26 am Glenn Colley
David's Fearless Faith 2015-07-19 pm Glenn Colley
Christians and the Civil Government Pt. II 2015-07-19 am Glenn Colley
Keeping God In The Closet 2015-07-12 pm Armand Wine
Christians and The Civil Government 2015-07-12 am Glenn Colley
The Character of Jesus 2015-07-05 pm Glenn Colley
Faithful Worship Attendance 2015-07-05 am Glenn Colley
Make Your Daddy List 2015-06-28 pm Glenn Colley
Fruit of The Spirit 2015-06-28 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 2015-06-21 pm Glenn Colley
God The Father 2015-06-21 am Glenn Colley
Church Music 2015-06-14 pm Brandon Grieves
Esau The Black Sheep 2015-06-14 am Glenn Colley
Jonah and God's Mercy 2015-06-07 pm Glenn Colley
Christianity in a Bad Culture 2015-06-07 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 2015-05-24 pm Glenn Colley
The Day of The Lord 2015-05-24 am Glenn Colley
Founding The Church 2015-05-17 am James Andrews
A Peaceful Church in a World of Conflict Pt V 2015-05-10 pm Melvin Otey
A Peaceful Church in a World of Conflict Pt IV 2015-05-10 class Melvin Otey
A Peaceful Church in a World of Conflict Pt III 2015-05-10 am Melvin Otey
A Peaceful Church in a World of Conflict Pt II 2015-05-09 pm Melvin Otey
A Peaceful Church in a World of Conflict Pt I 2015-05-08 pm Melvin Otey
Lead Like Moses 2015-05-03 pm Ben Stevenson
God's Way or My Way 2015-05-03 am Paul Owen
Q & A 2015-04-26 pm Glenn Colley
Jesus At The Banquet 2015-04-26 am Glenn Colley
What You Can Do 2015-04-19 class Dave Miller
Making an Impact 2015-04-19 am Dave Miller
Overcoming Temptation 2015-04-12 am Paul Owen
Perfect Peace 2015-03-29 am Glenn Colley
God's Promises to Isreal 2015-03-22 pm Glenn Colley
Modesty in a Pornographic America 2015-03-22 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 2015-03-15 pm Glenn Colley
Shadows of Jesus 2015-03-15 am Glenn Colley
Do You Want to Be Healed? 2015-03-08 pm Ben Giselbach
Have Resolve 2015-03-08 am Glenn Colley
Life of Moses Pt III 2015-03-01 pm Glenn Colley
The Music of The Church 2015-03-01 class Glenn Colley
Life of Moses Pt II 2015-03-01 am Glenn Colley
Life of Moses Pt I 2015-02-22 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 2015-02-15 pm Glenn Colley
God Owns Marriage 2015-02-15 am Glenn Colley
B.I.B.L.E. 2015-02-08 pm Glenn Colley
The Steps of Conversion 2015-02-08 am Glenn Colley
Don't Retire from The Church 2015-02-01 pm Glenn Colley
Growing Old 2015-02-01 am Glenn Colley
Being Patient 2015-01-25 am Paul Owen
Q & A 2015-01-18 pm Glenn Colley
Elders 2015-01-18 am Glenn Colley
Contrition 2015-01-11 am Glenn Colley
Miracles & Ointing with Oil 2015-01-04 pm Glenn Colley
Jesus is God 2015-01-04 am Glenn Colley
The Truly Blessed Man 2014-12-28 am Glenn Colley
India Mission report 2014-12-21 pm Glenn Holmes
The Birth of Jesus 2014-12-21 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 2014-12-14 pm Glenn Colley
Mirrors 2014-12-14 am Glenn Colley
Building Strong Christian Homes Pt II 2014-12-07 pm Glenn Colley
Building Strong Christian Homes 2014-12-07 am Glenn Colley
Which Jesus Do You Serve? 2014-11-30 am Ben Giselbach
Backsliding 2014-11-23 pm Glenn Colley
Moorings 2014-11-23 am Glenn Colley
Defense of a Young Earth 2014-11-19 pm Jeff Miller
Q&A 2014-11-16 pm Glenn Colley
Worry 2014-11-16 am Glenn Colley
Fundamentals 2014-11-09 pm Glenn Colley
The Value of Life 2014-11-09 am Glenn Colley
Lord, Give Me Patience - Now! 2014-11-02 pm Billy Smith
Don't Mistake Your Clock for Your Compass 2014-11-02 class Billy Smith
Loving Life and Seeing Good Days 2014-11-02 am Billy Smith
Christian Challenges At College 2014-11-01 class Billy Smith
Eternal Judgement 2014-10-26 pm Glenn Colley
5 Steps to Affair-Proofing Your Marriage 2014-10-26 am Glenn Colley
Are You Guided by the Bible? 2014-10-22 pm Kyle Butt
Q & A 2014-10-19 pm Glenn Colley
With Christ 2014-10-19 am Glenn Colley
Allegations of Bible Contradictions 2014-10-15 pm Kyle Butt
It's the Thought That Counts Pt II 2014-10-12 pm Sam Nelson
It's the Thought That Counts Pt I 2014-10-12 pm Eric Free
Growth of The Church 2014-10-12 am Glenn Colley
Worship of The Church 2014-10-08 pm Cory Waddell
The End Times 2014-10-05 am Glenn Colley
The Church Family 2014-10-01 pm Scotty Sparks
A Famine in Our Land 2014-09-28 pm Kyle Butt
Choosing a Spouse 2014-09-28 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 2014-09-21 pm Glenn Colley
Circles of Life 2014-09-21 am Glenn Colley
Young People in The Church 2014-09-17 pm Caleb Colley
Growing in Christ 2014-09-14 pm Glenn Colley
Gnosticism 2014-09-14 am Glenn Colley
Heaven 2014-09-10 pm James Andrews
The Most Important Question in the World 2014-09-07 am Paul Owen
Prophecies of Jesus 2014-09-03 pm Dave Miller
Mr. Encouragement 2014-08-31 am Paul Owen
Jesus Was Firm 2014-08-24 pm Tim Rice
No Way Around It 2014-08-24 am Tim Rice
Q&A 2014-08-17 pm Glenn Colley
Grace, Faith, and Works 2014-08-17 am Glenn Colley
Stacking Stones 2014-08-10 pm Glenn Colley
The Leadership of Joshua 2014-08-10 am Glenn Colley
The Conversion of Cornelius 2014-08-03 pm Glenn Colley
Fundamentals: The Lord's Super 2014-08-03 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 2014-07-27 pm Glenn Colley
The Woman Named Sarah 2014-07-27 am Glenn Colley
The Older Brother 2014-07-21 pm Scotty Sparks
Tribute to God's Milk 2014-07-20 am Glenn Colley
the Blood Royal 2014-07-13 pm Glenn Colley
Hope 2014-07-13 am Glenn Colley
The Importance of Shoes 2014-07-06 pm Glenn Colley
Paul's Salvation 2014-07-06 am Glenn Colley
Proverbs Overview 2014-06-29 am Glenn Colley
Resurrection to Ascension 2014-06-22 am Glenn Colley
State of The Church in Ukraine 2014-06-15 pm John Kachelman
God is Great 2014-06-15 pm Youth
The Role of a Father 2014-06-15 am Glenn Colley
How to Approach the Bible 2014-06-08 am Glenn Colley
What Members of The Church Should Never Say in Hell 2014-06-01 am Glenn Colley
David's Sin 2014-05-25 pm James Andrews
Little Things 2014-05-25 am James Andrews
Agape 2014-05-18 pm Glenn Colley
A Lesson from the Last Supper 2014-05-18 am Glenn Colley
Standing Alone 2014-05-11 pm Glenn Colley
Maternal Instincts 2014-05-11 am Glenn Colley
Refuting Calvanism 2014-05-04 am Glenn Colley
Virtue 2014-04-27 am Glenn Colley
Passover 2014-04-20 pm Glenn Colley
Q&A 2014-04-20 am Glenn Colley
Trials of Jesus Pt. 5 2014-04-13 pm Matt Vega
Trials of Jesus Pt. 4 2014-04-13 class Matt Vega
Trials of Jesus Pt. 3 2014-04-13 am Matt Vega
Trials of Jesus Pt. 2 2014-04-12 class Matt Vega
Trials of Jesus Pt 1 2014-04-11 class Matt Vega
LADS youth speakers 2014-04-06 pm Youth
The Resurrection 2014-04-06 am Paul Owen
Storms of Life 2014-03-30 am Paul Owen
Q & A 2014-03-23 pm Glenn Colley
Natural vs. Miraculous 2014-03-23 am Glenn Colley
What Shook the Jailhouse? 2014-03-16 am Paul Owen
Complainers 2014-03-09 pm Glenn Colley
Abraham's Lie 2014-03-09 am Glenn Colley
Music of The Church 2014-03-02 pm Glenn Colley
How to Build a Church 2014-03-02 am Glenn Colley
God's Gifts 2014-02-23 pm Hugh Fulford
Children of God 2014-02-23 am Hugh Fulford
Radical Amputation 2014-02-16 pm Paul Owen
Friends 2014-02-16 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 2014-02-09 pm Glenn Colley
Biblical Wealth 2014-02-09 am Glenn Colley
Bible Fundamentals Pt 2 2014-02-02 pm Glenn Colley
Bible Fundamentals Pt 1 2014-02-02 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 2014-01-26 pm Glenn Colley
A Father's Dicipline 2014-01-26 am Glenn Colley
Year in Review 2014-01-19 pm Paul Owen
Elders 2014-01-19 am Glenn Colley
Jonah 2014-01-12 pm James Andrews
How Do You Know Jesus? 2014-01-12 am Caleb Colley
Deacon Day 2014-01-05 pm Glenn Colley
Deacons 2014-01-05 am Glenn Colley
Faces of Calvary: Simon of Cyrene 2013-12-15 pm Glenn Colley
Faces of Calvary: Judas 2013-12-15 am Glenn Colley
Faces of Calvary: The Centurion 2013-12-08 pm Glenn Colley
Faces of Calvary: John 2013-12-08 am Glenn Colley
Faces of Calvary: Pontius Pilot 2013-12-01 pm Glenn Colley
Faces of Calvary: Mary Magdalene 2013-12-01 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 2013-11-24 pm Glenn Colley
Meanings of "Called" 2013-11-24 am Glenn Colley
Jesus Is King of Kings 2013-11-20 pm Bill Watkins
Keeping Promises 2013-11-17 pm Paul Owen
Looking At The Snake 2013-11-17 am Paul Owen
The Deity of Christ 2013-11-13 pm Eric Lyons
Wine in the New Testament 2013-11-10 pm Keith Anderson
Biblical Marriage 2013-11-10 am Glenn Colley
Jesus - The Master Teacher 2013-11-06 pm Ken Tyler
Instrumentalists' Arguments Pt. II 2013-11-03 pm Dave Miller
Praise Teams 2013-11-03 pm Dave Miller
Instrumentalists' Arguments Pt. I 2013-11-03 am Dave Miller
Principles of Authority Pt. II 2013-11-02 class Dave Miller
Principles of Authority Pt. I 2013-11-01 class Dave Miller
Be Like Mephibosheph 2013-10-27 pm Glenn Colley
The Emerging Church 2013-10-27 am Glenn Colley
Jesus: Head of The Church 2013-10-23 pm Tom Holland
Q & A 2013-10-20 pm Glenn Colley
5 Ways Satan Attacks Christians 2013-10-20 am Glenn Colley
Receiving The Grace of God 2013-10-16 pm Gary Colley
Sermon On The Mount (contd.) 2013-10-13 pm Glenn Colley
Sermon On The Mount 2013-10-13 am Glenn Colley
Man of Sorrows 2013-10-09 pm Tim Orbison
God's Providence 2013-10-06 pm Glenn Colley
Lessons from 1 Timothy 2 2013-10-06 am Glenn Colley
Jesus Is Our Hope 2013-10-02 pm Jeff Abrams
Can God Be Contained? 2013-09-29 pm Glenn Colley
Women's Role in Worship 2013-09-29 am Glenn Colley
Christ Our High Priest 2013-09-25 pm James Andrews
Christ's Authority 2013-09-22 pm Youth
Truth 2013-09-22 am Glenn Colley
Jesus, The Messiah 2013-09-18 pm Dave Miller
Q & A 2013-09-15 pm Glenn Colley
New Testament Judging 2013-09-15 am Glenn Colley
Did Jesus Exist 2013-09-11 pm Kyle Butt
Tanzinia Trip Report 2013-09-08 pm James Weaver
Fall of Jeicho 2013-09-08 am Glenn Colley
Design of the Human Body 2013-09-04 pm Jeff Miller
Characteristics of the Early Church 2013-09-01 pm Glenn Colley
Questions About Worship 2013-09-01 am Glenn Colley
Genesis 2013-08-25 am Carey Waddell
Q & A 2013-08-18 pm Glenn Colley
THE Unchanging God 2013-08-18 am Glenn Colley
New Things 2013-08-11 pm Glenn Colley
Jesus' Use of Scripture 2013-08-11 am Glenn Colley
Judah's Defense of Idolatry 2013-08-04 pm Glenn Colley
Two Trees 2013-08-04 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 2013-07-28 pm Glenn Colley
Pride 2013-07-28 am Glenn Colley
Heaven Will be Worth It 2013-07-21 pm Caleb Colley
Understanding Sin Pt.II 2013-07-21 am Glenn Colley
God's Love 2013-07-14 pm Youth
Entitlement 2013-07-14 am Paul Owen
Ukraine Mission Work Report 2013-07-07 pm James Andrews
Understanding Sin - Part I 2013-07-07 am Glenn Colley
Lazarus 2013-06-30 am Glenn Colley
Dogs 2013-06-23 pm Glenn Colley
Finding Jesus 2013-06-23 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 2013-06-16 pm Glenn Colley
Barnabas the Encourager 2013-06-09 pm Paul Owen
Principles of Intercession 2013-06-09 am Paul Owen
Five Motivations to Obey God 2013-06-02 pm Glenn Colley
Walk by Faith not by Sight 2013-06-02 am Glenn Colley
What is a True Christian 2013-05-26 pm James Andrews
The Real Burden of The Cross 2013-05-26 am James Andrews
My God & His Money - Part III 2013-05-19 pm Kyle Butt
My God & His Money - Part II 2013-05-19 class Kyle Butt
My God & His Money - Part I 2013-05-19 am Kyle Butt
Fruits of Atheism - Part II 2013-05-18 pm Kyle Butt
Fruits of Atheism - Part I 2013-05-17 pm Kyle Butt
Hope of Heaven 2013-05-12 pm Glenn Colley
Authority for a Church Building 2013-05-12 am Glenn Colley
Graduation 2013-05-05 pm Glenn Colley
Remarriage 2013-05-05 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 04-28-2013 2013-04-28 pm Glenn Colley
Mercy of God 2013-04-28 am Glenn Colley
2nd Samuel 20 2013-04-21 am Paul Owen
Lightning 2013-04-14 pm Glenn Colley
Philippian Jailor 2013-04-14 am Glenn Colley
Colossians 2013-04-07 am Glenn Colley
Memory 2013-03-31 am Glenn Colley
The Fruit of the Spirit - Part II 2013-03-24 pm Glenn Colley
The Fruit of the Spirit - Part I 2013-03-24 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 03-17-2013 2013-03-19 pm Glenn Colley
Crucifixion Week 2013-03-17 am Glenn Colley
The Resignation of the Pope 2013-03-10 pm Glenn Colley
Things That Are Better 2013-03-10 am Glenn Colley
Lessons From Apollos 2013-03-03 pm Glenn Colley
Dealing With Death 2013-03-03 am Paul Owen
Stealing Is Sin 2013-02-24 am Glenn Colley
Psalms 1, The Righteous Man 2013-02-17 pm Paul Owen
Gethsemane 2013-02-17 am Paul Owen
Q & A 02-10-2013 2013-02-10 pm Glenn Colley
Take Heed 2013-02-10 am Glenn Colley
Samson 2013-02-03 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 01-27-2013 2013-01-27 pm Glenn Colley
First Principles 2013-01-27 am Glenn Colley
What I Want to Teach My Son 2013-01-20 pm Will Tucker
Diminishing Accountability 2013-01-20 am Glenn Colley
Leadership 2013-01-13 am Glenn Colley
New Testament Review (Class) 2013-01-06 am Glenn Colley
Old Testament Review 2013-01-06 am Glenn Colley
Habits 2012-12-30 am Glenn Colley
I Am The Way 2012-12-23 pm Caleb Colley
The Father of Jesus 2012-12-23 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 2012-12-16 pm Glenn Colley
Elders - Part III 2012-12-16 am Glenn Colley
Elders - Part II 2012-12-09 am Glenn Colley
Elders - Part I 2012-12-02 am Glenn Colley
Melchizedek 2012-11-25 pm Glenn Colley
Why I Love the Church of Christ 2012-11-25 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 11-18-2012 2012-11-18 pm Glenn Colley
12 Reasons to Stay Away from Adultery 2012-11-18 am Glenn Colley
The Beatitudes 2012-11-11 am Glenn Colley
Islamic Worldview - Session 6 2012-11-04 pm Brad Harrub
Are You Convinced or Convicted? - Session 5 2012-11-04 class Brad Harrub
Are You Convinced or Convicted? - Session 4 2012-11-04 am Brad Harrub
The Truth About Origins - Session 2 2012-11-03 pm Brad Harrub
The Truth About Origins - Session 3 2012-11-03 pm Brad Harrub
The Truth About Origins - Session 1 2012-11-02 pm Brad Harrub
The Beatitudes 2012-10-28 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 10-21-2012 2012-10-21 pm Glenn Colley
Seven Things That Are Not Up For Debate 2012-10-21 am Glenn Colley
1 Chron. 21 - David Humbles Himself Before God 2012-10-14 pm Paul Owen
Why Did Jesus Raise the Dead? 2012-10-14 am Glenn Colley
Sibling Rivalry Part 2 2012-10-07 pm Glenn Colley
Sibling Rivalry Part 1 2012-10-07 am Glenn Colley
Faith, the Substance of Things Hoped For 2012-09-30 am Glenn Colley
Security of the Believer 2012-09-23 pm Glenn Colley
Hell 2012-09-23 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 09-16-2012 2012-09-16 pm Glenn Colley
Islam In Contrast With Christianity 2012-09-16 am Glenn Colley
What Must We Do To Be Lost 2012-09-09 pm James Andrews
Stewardship Part 1 2012-09-09 am Kyle Butt
Stewardship Part 2 2012-09-09 am Kyle Butt
Psalm 100 Make a Joyful Noise 2012-09-02 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 8-26-2012 2012-08-26 pm Glenn Colley
The Church of the Bible 2012-08-26 am Glenn Colley
Comfort Yourselves Together 2012-08-19 pm Derrick Smith
Abuse in Marriage 2012-08-19 am Glenn Colley
Jephthah the Gileadite 2012-08-12 pm Glenn Colley
You Can't Outwit God 2012-08-12 am Glenn Colley
Ephesians 4 2012-08-05 pm Glenn Colley
Isaiah 53, The Gospel of the Old Testament 2012-08-05 am Glenn Colley
Trouble From Within 2012-07-29 am Paul Owen
Judging, Matt. 7 2012-07-22 pm Paul Owen
Prayer (partial lesson) 2012-07-22 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 07-15-2012 2012-07-15 pm Glenn Colley
Lights in a Dark Place (Babylon) 2012-07-15 am Glenn Colley
Five Ways People Are Broken 2012-07-08 am Glenn Colley
Arise and Be Baptized 2012-07-01 am Glenn Colley
Adoption 2012-06-24 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 06-17-2012 2012-06-17 pm Glenn Colley
Fathers 2012-06-17 am Glenn Colley
A Healthy Self Love 2012-06-10 am Glenn Colley
Youth Night 6-3-12 2012-06-03 pm Youth
Spending a Day with God 2012-06-03 am Paul Owen
Micaiah 2012-05-27 pm Glenn Colley
Eph. 4-5: Things You Have to Know to Be Like Christ (Pt.3) 2012-05-27 am Glenn Colley
Equipping Our Children To Face a Changing World 2012-05-20 pm Sam Jones
The Status of the American Family 2012-05-20 class Sam Jones
Keeping Marriages Together (Pt.2) 2012-05-20 am Sam Jones
Keeping Marriages Together (Pt.1) 2012-05-19 pm Sam Jones
Q & A 05-13-2012 2012-05-13 pm Glenn Colley
Four Biblical Mothers 2012-05-13 am Glenn Colley
Eph. 4-5: Things You Have to Know to Be Like Christ (Pt.2) 2012-05-06 am Glenn Colley
Eph. 4-5: Things You Have to Know to Be Like Christ (Pt.1) 2012-04-29 am Glenn Colley
If I Were A Newlywed Again 2012-04-22 pm Ken Tyler
If I Were Young Again 2012-04-22 class Ken Tyler
If I Were a Young Parent Again 2012-04-22 am Ken Tyler
Q & A 04-15-2012 2012-04-15 pm Glenn Colley
The Titanic & The Ark 2012-04-15 am Glenn Colley
5 Important Things About Angels 2012-04-08 pm Glenn Colley
Hebrews: 7 Anchor Verses 2012-04-08 am Glenn Colley
Happiness Guaranteed 2012-04-01 pm Glenn Colley
Fools 2012-04-01 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 03-25-2012 2012-03-25 pm Glenn Colley
Abortion 2012-03-25 am Glenn Colley
Running the Race 2012-03-18 pm Paul Owen
Melchizedek 2012-03-18 am Paul Owen
Arguments for Baptism 2012-03-11 pm Glenn Colley
Psalm 127 2012-03-11 am Glenn Colley
The Providence of God 2012-03-04 am Glenn Colley
The Pride of Edom 2012-02-26 am Paul Owen
Q & A 02-19-2012 2012-02-19 pm Glenn Colley
Romans 8 2012-02-19 am Glenn Colley
Triad Marriage 2012-02-12 pm Glenn Colley
Everyone Needs Time Off 2012-02-12 am Brandon Britton
Discouragement 2012-02-05 am Paul Owen
Fear Of The Lord 2012-01-29 am Paul Owen
Q & A 01-22-2012 2012-01-22 pm Glenn Colley
Jesus, Both Lord and Christ - Acts 2:36 2012-01-22 am Glenn Colley
Hebrews 8: "Though He Was a Son" 2012-01-15 am Glenn Colley
Hebrews 13 - Part 2 2012-01-08 pm Glenn Colley
Hebrews 13 - Part 1 2012-01-08 am Glenn Colley
Four Attributes of God 2012-01-01 pm Glenn Colley
New Years Test 2012-01-01 am Glenn Colley
Renovation Realities 2011-12-25 pm Cory Waddell
Who? You! 2011-12-25 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 12-21-2011 2011-12-18 pm Glenn Colley
Gifts for Your Children 2011-12-18 am Glenn Colley
Ephesians Part 2 2011-12-11 pm Glenn Colley
Ephesians Part 1 2011-12-11 am Glenn Colley
That Which Is Not Seen 2011-12-04 pm Glenn Colley
Judgment Day 2011-12-04 am Glenn Colley
Ethiopian Eunuch 2011-11-27 pm Glenn Colley
Preaching 2011-11-27 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 11-20-2011 2011-11-20 pm Glenn Colley
Penn State 2011-11-20 am Glenn Colley
The Worst Thing About Going to Hell 2011-11-16 pm Andy Kizer
Evangelism in the Home 2011-11-15 pm Andy Kizer
Where the Good Way Is 2011-11-14 pm Andy Kizer
The World Hates You 2011-11-13 pm Andy Kizer
Give Me the Bible 2011-11-13 class Andy Kizer
When the Church Assembles 2011-11-13 am Andy Kizer
Love (1 Cor. 13) 2011-11-06 pm Glenn Colley
The Veil of the Temple 2011-11-06 am Glenn Colley
Judas 2011-10-30 am Glenn Colley
Luke 16 - The Unjust Steward 2011-10-23 pm Glenn Colley
Good Samaritan 2011-10-23 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 10-16-2011 2011-10-16 pm Glenn Colley
400 Years (Pt. 2) 2011-10-16 am Glenn Colley
Dealing With Conflict 2011-10-09 pm Paul Owen
400 Years (Pt.1) 2011-10-09 am Glenn Colley
Acts 16:16 2011-10-02 pm Glenn Colley
The Golden Text - John 3:16 2011-10-02 am Glenn Colley
Nehemiah - Part II 2011-09-25 pm Glenn Colley
Nehemiah - Part I 2011-09-25 am Glenn Colley
Haggai 2011-09-18 am Paul Owen
Q & A 09-11-2011 2011-09-11 pm Glenn Colley
Faith Through Crisis 2011-09-11 am Glenn Colley
Ezekiel 18 2011-09-04 am Glenn Colley
Pride and Secret Sins 2011-08-28 pm James Andrews
Nineveh's Coming Destruction 2011-08-28 am Paul Owen
The Good Samaritan 2011-08-21 pm Paul Owen
Ahaziah 2011-08-21 am Paul Owen
Worry 2011-08-14 pm Paul Owen
The Dedication of Solomon's Temple 2011-08-14 am Glenn Colley
Revelation 2 2011-08-07 pm Glenn Colley
Jeremiah 2011-08-07 am Glenn Colley
The Church is not the Building 2011-07-24 pm Paul Owen
Jesus the Centerpiece of Christianity 2011-07-24 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 07-17-2011 2011-07-17 pm Glenn Colley
Hosea 2011-07-17 am Glenn Colley
Rich Towards God 2011-07-13 am Tim Orbison
In Debt to God 2011-07-10 pm Glenn Colley
Micah 2011-07-10 am Glenn Colley
The Problem of Suffering 2011-07-06 pm Kyle Butt
Is Truth Relative 2011-07-03 am Caleb Colley
Evangelism 6-26-11 2011-06-26 pm James Andrews
Are You A Second Mile Christian 2011-06-22 pm Miles Stutts
Marriage & Money 2011-06-19 pm Glenn Colley
Fathers 2 2011-06-19 am Paul Owen
Beatitudes 2011-06-15 pm Bill Cantrell
Elijah 2011-06-12 am Paul Owen
The Salt and The Light 2011-06-08 pm Scotty Sparks
Q & A 06-05-2011 2011-06-05 pm Glenn Colley
Alcohol 2011-06-05 am Glenn Colley
Dinosaurs 2011-06-01 pm Dave Miller
Passing The Torch 2011-05-29 am Paul Owen
Youth Night 5-22-11 2011-05-22 pm Youth
David Numbers People 2011-05-22 am Glenn Colley
Fishers of Men 2011-05-15 pm Nathan Anderson
Key Events in Life of Absolom 2011-05-15 am Glenn Colley
The Future: Facing Uncertain Times With Confidence 2011-05-11 pm David Sain
The Gospel of Grace: The Only Way It Is Possible 2011-05-10 pm David Sain
Jesus: The Captain of Our Salvation 2011-05-09 pm David Sain
God: The Sovereign Provider 2011-05-08 pm David Sain
Knowledge: The Necessary Link 2011-05-08 class David Sain
The Bible: The Sufficient Source 2011-05-08 am David Sain
Q & A 04-24-2011 2011-04-24 pm Glenn Colley
1 Chronicles 2011-04-24 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 04-17-2011 2011-04-17 pm Glenn Colley
Psalms 8, 17, 10 2011-04-17 am Glenn Colley
Paul's Imprisonment 2011-04-10 pm Glenn Colley
How David Viewed Saul 2011-04-10 am Glenn Colley
Samson 2011-04-03 pm Glenn Colley
Ruth 2011-04-03 am Glenn Colley
Q&A Children's Questions 2011-03-27 pm Glenn Colley
Biblical Moorings 2011-03-27 am Glenn Colley
Questions and Answers Mar 2011 2011-03-20 pm Glenn Colley
Joshua chpt 1 through 15 2011-03-20 am Glenn Colley
Barnabas 2011-03-13 pm Glenn Colley
John 17 2011-02-27 pm Glenn Colley
Jealousy or Envy 2011-02-27 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 2-20-2011 2011-02-20 pm Glenn Colley
Adultery - Numbers 5 2011-02-20 am Glenn Colley
Leviticus 4 2011-02-13 pm Glenn Colley
Lost Believers and Baptism 2011-02-13 class David Pharr
The Lords Supper 2011-02-13 am David Pharr
A Life Well Lived 2011-02-06 pm Jason Owen
Exodus Laws 2011-02-06 am Glenn Colley
Pharaoh 2011-01-30 am Glenn Colley
Pre Millennialism 2011-01-23 pm Glenn Colley
Joseph and Potiphar's Wife 2011-01-23 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 1-16-2011 2011-01-16 pm Glenn Colley
Sodom in Lot 2011-01-16 am Glenn Colley
Acts 17 2011-01-09 pm Ben Giselbach
Ask For the Old Paths 2011-01-09 am Caleb Colley
Arguments Against Abortion 2011-01-02 pm Caleb Colley
Tower of Babel 2011-01-02 am Glenn Colley
Psalms 1 2010-12-26 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 12-19-2010 2010-12-19 pm Glenn Colley
Lords Prayer - Part 8 2010-12-19 am Glenn Colley
Lords Prayer - Part 7 2010-12-12 pm Glenn Colley
Lords Prayer - Part 6 2010-12-12 am Glenn Colley
Lords Prayer - Part 5 2010-12-05 pm Glenn Colley
Lords Prayer - Part 4 - Thy Kingdom Come 2010-12-05 am Glenn Colley
Lords Prayer - Part 3 2010-11-28 pm Glenn Colley
Lords Prayer - Part 2 2010-11-28 am Glenn Colley
Answers and Questions 2010-11-21 pm Glenn Colley
Lords Prayer - Part 1 - Our Father 2010-11-21 am Glenn Colley
Hebrews Chapter 13 2010-11-14 am Glenn Colley
Taking Advantage of Opportunity 2010-11-10 pm David Lipe
Vallue of a Righteous Life 2010-11-09 pm David Lipe
The Gospel of Christ 2010-11-08 pm David Lipe
Lordship 2010-11-07 pm David Lipe
God's Commission 2010-11-07 am David Lipe
Part of the Church 2010-10-31 am Paul Owen
Job Promises 2010-10-24 pm Glenn Colley
One New Man 2010-10-24 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 10-17-2010 2010-10-17 pm Glenn Colley
Elijah Burnout 2010-10-17 am Glenn Colley
1 John - "I Know" 2010-10-10 pm Glenn Colley
Enoch 2010-10-10 am Glenn Colley
The New Testament 2010-10-03 pm Glenn Colley
The Old Testament 2010-10-03 am Glenn Colley
The Lord is Captain of My Soul 2010-09-26 pm Paul Owen
Achan 2010-09-26 am Paul Owen
Q & A 9-19-2010 2010-09-19 pm Glenn Colley
The Second Law of Pardon 2010-09-19 am Glenn Colley
Gehazi, the Servant of Elisha 2010-09-12 pm Glenn Colley
Show Us the Father 2010-09-12 am Glenn Colley
Teen Questions, part 2 2010-09-05 pm Glenn Colley
Teen Questions, part 1 2010-09-05 am Glenn Colley
Keep on God's Schedule 2010-08-29 am Paul Owen
Philadelphia 2010-08-25 pm Tim Orbison
How to Fight Fair in Marriage 2010-08-22 pm Glenn Colley
Jordan River 2010-08-22 am Glenn Colley
How Much God Can Forgive 2010-08-18 pm Scotty Sparks
Q & A 8-15-2010 2010-08-15 pm Glenn Colley
Genesis 1:1 2010-08-15 am Glenn Colley
What I Want You to Know about the Cross of Christ 2010-08-11 pm Ken Tyler
Friendliness 2010-08-08 pm Glenn Colley
Tarrying by the Stuff 2010-08-08 am Gary Colley
Saving Our Family 2010-08-04 pm Jeff Abrams
2 John 2010-08-01 pm Glenn Colley
Bread 2010-08-01 am Glenn Colley
Faith of Jeremiah 2010-07-25 pm Paul Owen
Raising our Sons 2010-07-25 am Glenn Colley
An Awesome God and the Water 2010-07-18 pm Glenn Colley
Christian Graces_Temperance 2010-07-18 am Glenn Colley
About the Bible 2010-07-14 pm Cliff Goodwin
Grace, Mercy, and Peace 2010-07-11 pm Jarrod Kyle
The thief on the cross 2010-07-11 am Glenn Colley
Peace 2010-07-04 am Glenn Colley
Abundant Blessings 2010-06-30 pm Danny Rader
Walk By Faith 2010-06-27 pm Matthew Beard
Heaven: The Goal of Christian Living 2010-06-27 am Paul Owen
Satan Who? 2010-06-23 pm James Andrews
Questions & Answers 6-20-2010 2010-06-20 pm Glenn Colley
Father's Day 2010-06-20 am Glenn Colley
What I Want You To Know About Preachers 2010-06-16 pm David Sain
What is the Gospel? 2010-06-13 pm Caleb Colley
Zion Is Heaven 2010-06-13 am Glenn Colley
How Do I Speak to Others About the Church? 2010-06-09 pm Todd Clippard
Mind Your Own Business? 2010-06-06 pm Paul Owen
Effective Prayer 2010-06-06 am Paul Owen
Biblical Worldview 2010-06-02 pm Brad Harrub
With Age Come Choices, Part II 2010-05-30 am Glenn Colley
4 Aspects of Wisdom 2010-05-23 pm Paul Owen
Joshua, Lessons in Transitions 2010-05-23 am Paul Owen
With Age Comes Choices 2010-05-16 am Glenn Colley
Seeing the Unseen 2010-05-09 pm Glenn Colley
Motherhood 2010-05-09 am Glenn Colley
Laying A Good Foundation For The Time To Come 2010-05-05 class B.J. Clarke
The Shifting Sands Of Denominationalism 2010-05-04 pm B.J. Clarke
Are You In The House Build Upon The Rock? 2010-05-03 pm B.J. Clarke
Christ, The Rock In The Wilderness 2010-05-02 pm B.J. Clarke
The Foundations Of Our Obedience 2010-05-02 class B.J. Clarke
The Foundations Of Our Faith 2010-05-02 am B.J. Clarke
The Happy Sermon 2010-04-25 pm Glenn Colley
Gospel Meeting 2010-04-25 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 4-18-10 2010-04-18 pm Glenn Colley
Prophecy 2010-04-18 am Glenn Colley
Facebook 2010-04-11 pm Glenn Colley
Subjectivism 2010-04-11 am Glenn Colley
The Resurrected Body 2010-04-04 am Glenn Colley
What was in the Garden of Gethsemane 2010-03-28 class Paul Owen
Q & A 3-21-2010 2010-03-21 pm Glenn Colley
Jesus is my passover 2010-03-21 am Glenn Colley
Grace 2010-03-14 pm James Andrews
Jonah 2010-03-14 am Paul Owen
Psalms 139 2010-03-07 pm Paul Owen
Victories in Suffering 2010-03-07 am Paul Owen
Q & A 2-28-2010 2010-02-28 pm Glenn Colley
Lest You Fall 2010-02-28 am Glenn Colley
Parallels 2010-02-21 pm Paul Owen
James 1 2010-02-21 am Paul Owen
Restoration 2010-02-14 pm Glenn Colley
Psalm 46 2010-02-14 am Glenn Colley
Lydia 2010-02-07 pm Glenn Colley
Psalm 32 2010-02-07 am Glenn Colley
Your Husband's Wings 2010-01-31 am Glenn Colley
What the Prodigal Didn't Say 2010-01-24 pm Glenn Colley
Gamaliel's Observation 2010-01-24 am Glenn Colley
January 2010 Questions and Answers 2010-01-17 pm Glenn Colley
12 Traits of Demons 2010-01-17 am Glenn Colley
Fathers 2010-01-10 pm Glenn Colley
Anticipating Christ's Return 2010-01-10 am Glenn Colley
The Exceptions 2010-01-03 pm Glenn Colley
Esau 2010-01-03 am Glenn Colley
Grounds for Decisions 2009-12-27 pm Caleb Colley
New Year 2009-12-27 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 12-20-2009 2009-12-20 pm Glenn Colley
Ecclesiastes 3 - Part 3 2009-12-20 am Glenn Colley
If Jesus Hadn't Been Born 2009-12-13 pm Glenn Colley
Ecclesiates 3 - Part 2 2009-12-13 am Glenn Colley
Ten Indicators of Heaven 2009-12-06 pm Glenn Colley
Ecclesiastes 2009-12-06 am Glenn Colley
John 4: The Woman at the Well 2009-11-29 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 11-22-2009 2009-11-22 pm Glenn Colley
Thanksgiving 2009-11-22 am Glenn Colley
Why I believe in baptism 2009-11-15 pm Mark Owen
Joseph Rises Above Temptation 2009-11-15 am Paul Owen
From My Youth 2009-11-08 pm Glenn Colley
Truth & Nicodemus 2009-11-08 am Glenn Colley
May Christians and Muslims Agree? - Part 2 2009-11-01 pm Dave Miller
May Christians and Muslims Agree? - Part 1 2009-11-01 class Dave Miller
What Was Jesus Really Like? 2009-11-01 am Dave Miller
The Quran 2009-10-31 pm Dave Miller
Islam 2009-10-30 pm Dave Miller
The Armor Bearer 2009-10-25 pm Glenn Colley
Phillipians 2 Unity 2009-10-25 am Glenn Colley
Q and A - Oct 18 2009 2009-10-18 pm Glenn Colley
Why Jesus came to Earth 2009-10-18 am Glenn Colley
Roman's 12 2009-10-11 pm Paul Owen
Discipline 2009-10-11 am Paul Owen
Deuteronomy 7 2009-10-04 pm Glenn Colley
Joseph and Jesus 2009-10-04 am Glenn Colley
Showing the Word of God Proper Respect 2009-09-27 pm Paul Owen
Showing God Proper Respect 2009-09-27 am Paul Owen
Q & A 9/20/09 2009-09-20 pm Glenn Colley
Holy Spirit, Acts 2,38 2009-09-20 am Glenn Colley
How does the Holy Spirit dwell in me if I'm truly a Christian? 2009-09-13 pm Glenn Colley
Just Exactly What is the Holy Spirit? 2009-09-13 am Glenn Colley
What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew 2009-09-06 pm Glenn Colley
Prayer 2009-09-06 am Glenn Colley
Elders' Families 2009-08-30 am Glenn Colley
Peter 2009-08-26 pm Tim Orbison
Going Back to School (Part 2) 2009-08-23 pm Glenn Colley
Going Back to School (Part 1) 2009-08-23 am Glenn Colley
Paul 2009-08-19 pm Ken Tyler
Q&A - August 16, 2009 2009-08-16 pm Glenn Colley
Into Thy Hands I Commit My Spirit 2009-08-16 am Glenn Colley
Mary Magdalene 2009-08-12 pm Randy Pyle
Instrumental Music 2009-08-09 pm Glenn Colley
Repentance 2009-08-09 am Glenn Colley
Redemption 2009-08-05 pm James Andrews
What You Can Learn From a 96-Year-Old Woman 2009-08-02 pm Matt Jones
Promises of God 2009-08-02 am Gary Colley
Psalms 103 - A Forgiving God 2009-07-26 pm DAngelo Joyce
Twelve Virtues of a Happy Marriage Part II 2009-07-26 am Glenn Colley
The Demon Dude 2009-07-22 pm Lonnie Jones
Q and A - July 19, 2009 2009-07-19 pm Glenn Colley
Love and Marriage 2009-07-19 am Glenn Colley
What we want to teach our children 2009-07-12 pm Glenn Colley
Transfiguration 2009-07-12 am Glenn Colley
The Woman at the Well 2009-07-08 pm Brandon Britton
What if the Church were like Me? 2009-07-05 pm Matt McBrayer
Cornelius 2009-07-05 am Glenn Colley
Nicodemus 2009-07-01 pm Scotty Sparks
The Sheep & The Shepherd 2009-06-28 pm Glenn Colley
David & Bathsheba 2009-06-28 am Glenn Colley
The Rich Young Ruler 2009-06-24 pm Paul Clements
Q & A 6/21/09 2009-06-21 pm Glenn Colley
When Your Children Ask... 2009-06-21 am Glenn Colley
The Ethiopian 2009-06-17 pm James Andrews
Many Kinds of Lies 2009-06-14 pm Glenn Colley
James 2 2009-06-14 am Glenn Colley
Zaccheus 2009-06-10 pm Bill Lyons
Ready Always to Give an Answer 2009-06-07 pm Caleb Colley
Learning To Teach, From The Master Teacher 2009-06-07 am Caleb Colley
A Better Tomorrow 2009-06-03 pm Randy Medlin
Personal Evangelism 2009-05-31 am Glenn Colley
A Contrast of Two Women 2009-05-24 pm Glenn Colley
Jesus Tempted by Satan 2009-05-24 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 5/17/09 2009-05-17 pm Glenn Colley
I'm In Trouble So What Can I Do 2009-05-17 am Paul Owen
God's Social Security Program 2009-05-10 pm Glenn Colley
Jochebed 2009-05-10 am Glenn Colley
Hosea - A Lesson in Marriage 2009-05-03 pm Glenn Colley
The Lord is My Shepard 2009-05-03 am Glenn Colley
Facts from the Other Side - Part 2 2009-04-26 pm Glenn Colley
Facts From The Other Side 2009-04-26 am Glenn Colley
The Christian Life - Future 2009-04-22 pm Jeff Jenkins
The Christian Life - Present 2009-04-21 pm Jeff Jenkins
The Christian Life - Past 2009-04-20 pm Jeff Jenkins
God-Centered Worship 2009-04-19 pm Jeff Jenkins
On Fire for God - Paul's Motivations 2009-04-19 class Jeff Jenkins
Living by Faith 2009-04-19 am Jeff Jenkins
Q & A 04/12/09 2009-04-12 pm Glenn Colley
Psalms 23 2009-04-12 am Glenn Colley
Book of Joshua 2009-04-05 pm Youth
Joy 2009-04-05 am Glenn Colley
The Church At Jerusalem 2009-03-29 am Glenn Colley
Having A Good Marriage 2009-03-22 pm Glenn Colley
Hell 2009-03-22 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 3/15/09 2009-03-15 pm Glenn Colley
Confession-Some Things God Wants To Hear You Say 2009-03-15 am Glenn Colley
Five Things To Remember When You Become a Christian 2009-03-08 pm Glenn Colley
Tragedy To Be Lost 2009-03-08 am Glenn Colley
Evangelizing the Deaf 2009-03-01 pm Lary Sanderson
The Challenge of Evangelism 2009-03-01 am Paul Owen
Questions & Answers - Marriage 2009-02-22 pm Glenn Colley
Beatitudes - Part 2 2009-02-22 am Glenn Colley
The Seed 2009-02-15 pm Paul Owen
Parable of the Talents 2009-02-15 am Paul Owen
Beatitudes - Part 1 2009-02-08 am Glenn Colley
Truth 2009-02-01 pm Scott Perry
Christian Marriage 2009-02-01 am Paul Owen
How to have Courage in Your Convictions 2009-01-25 pm Paul Owen
Engines of Security 2009-01-25 am Paul Owen
Preachers from Kharkov 2009-01-18 pm Igor Olefira
Elijah Dealing with Discouragement 2009-01-18 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 1/11/09 2009-01-11 pm Glenn Colley
Appointing New Deacons 2009-01-11 am Glenn Colley
Does God Hear Sinners Prayers 2009-01-04 pm Glenn Colley
The End Of Time 2009-01-04 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 12/28/08 2008-12-28 pm Glenn Colley
New Year Resolutions 2008-12-28 am Glenn Colley
The Many Sides of Baptism, 2008 Mission Work Report 2008-12-22 pm John Kachelman
Mary, The Virgin Birth 2008-12-21 am Glenn Colley
The Birth date of Jesus 2008-12-14 pm Glenn Colley
The Name Of God "Yahweh" 2008-12-14 am Glenn Colley
Christians You Are The Light Of The World 2008-12-07 pm Glenn Colley
The Storms of Life 2008-12-07 am Glenn Colley
We Aren't The Only Ones 2008-11-30 am Glenn Colley
Q & A 11/23/08 2008-11-23 pm Glenn Colley
Christian Graces 2008-11-23 am Glenn Colley
Your Eternal Security 2008-11-16 pm Paul Owen
Encouragement 2008-11-16 am Paul Owen
Five Things You Should Know About Homosexuality 2008-11-09 pm Glenn Colley
Gebeonites 2008-11-09 am Glenn Colley
A Christians Hope 2008-11-05 pm Billy Smith
Church Criticism on Restoration 2008-11-04 pm Billy Smith
Why Bad Things Happen To Good People 2008-11-03 pm Billy Smith
Finding Your Place In The Church 2008-11-02 pm Billy Smith
God's Plan For Our Marriage 2008-11-02 class Billy Smith
Why I Love The Church 2008-11-02 am Billy Smith
Ephesians, Part 2 2008-10-26 pm Glenn Colley
Ephesians, Part 1 2008-10-26 am Glenn Colley
Q & A - 10-19-2008 2008-10-19 pm Glenn Colley
Deuternonomy 10 2008-10-19 am Glenn Colley
Rahab 2008-10-12 am Glenn Colley
Sodom, Part 2 2008-10-05 pm Glenn Colley
Sodom 2008-10-05 am Glenn Colley
Q & A - 9-28-2008 2008-09-28 pm Glenn Colley
Joshua 2008-09-28 am Glenn Colley
Placing Membership 2008-09-21 pm Glenn Colley
The Holy Spirit Will Guide You Into All Truth 2008-09-21 class Mack Lyon
To See God's Purpose in This Life 2008-09-21 am Mack Lyon
Similes Of The Bible Part II 2008-09-14 pm Glenn Colley
Similes Of The Bible Part I 2008-09-14 am Glenn Colley
Marriage Rules 2008-09-07 pm Glenn Colley
Six Beliefs That Make Life Better 2008-09-07 am Glenn Colley
Ananias and Sapphria 2008-08-31 am Glenn Colley
A Trip Through The Bible III 2008-08-24 pm Dave Miller
A Trip Through The Bible II 2008-08-24 class Dave Miller
A Trip Through The Bible I 2008-08-24 am Dave Miller
Paul's Relationship To The Church 2008-08-20 pm Daniel Salmon
Q & A - 08/17/2008 2008-08-17 pm Glenn Colley
Jesus' Truth 2008-08-17 am Glenn Colley
God's Forgiveness 2008-08-13 pm Tim Orbison
Singing 2008-08-10 pm Glenn Colley
Armor Christain 2008-08-10 am Glenn Colley
The Justice of God 2008-08-06 pm Tom Hodge
The Resurrection of Jesus Christ 2008-08-03 pm DAngelo Joyce
Caleb Wholly Followed The Lord 2008-08-03 am Paul Owen
Evangelism and the India Mission 2008-07-30 pm Danny Rader
God And Your Wealth 2008-07-27 pm Paul Owen
Nathanael - Finding Important Things In Life 2008-07-27 am Glenn Colley
God's Crutch 2008-07-23 pm Randy Pyle
Q & A 07/20/2008 2008-07-20 pm Glenn Colley
Evangelism 2 2008-07-20 am Glenn Colley
God's Long suffering 2008-07-16 pm Ken Tyler
Mary The Sister of Lazarus 2008-07-13 pm Glenn Colley
Jesus' Prayer For Unity 2008-07-13 am Glenn Colley
God's Family 2008-07-09 pm Andy Kizer
Death of James 2008-07-06 pm Glenn Colley
Jesus Had Friends 2008-07-06 am Glenn Colley
God's Plan for You 2008-07-02 pm Lonnie Jones
Death Symbols 2008-06-29 am Glenn Colley
God's Omnipresence 2008-06-25 pm Brian Jarrett
Q & A - 6/22/2008 2008-06-22 pm Glenn Colley
Joseph of Arimathea 2008-06-22 am Glenn Colley
God's Uniqueness 2008-06-18 pm Steve Hale
Moses: Hebrews 11:26 2008-06-15 pm Glenn Colley
Prodigal's Dad 2008-06-15 am Glenn Colley
I Have Sinned 2008-06-08 pm Glenn Colley
The Sun Stands Still 2008-06-08 am Paul Owen
He Is Able 2008-06-04 pm Scotty Sparks
10 Commandments for Young Graduates 2008-06-01 pm Glenn Colley
Parables and Challenges of Christ 2008-06-01 am Glenn Colley
Q & A - 5/25/2008 2008-05-25 pm Glenn Colley
The Moment you're Married 2008-05-25 am Glenn Colley
What does it mean to called a Campbellite? 2008-05-18 pm Glenn Colley
The Problem of Evil and Suffering in the World 2008-05-18 am Glenn Colley
Train Up Your Child and He will Not Depart from It. 2008-05-11 pm James Watkins
Purpose in Your Heart Not to Defile Yourself 2008-05-11 class James Watkins
Put Your Trust In Jesus Christ, Quit Worrying 2008-05-11 am James Watkins
You Cannot be My Disciple 2008-05-07 pm Brandon Britton
Human Sacrifice 2008-05-06 pm Brandon Britton
Happiness is Slavery 2008-05-05 pm Brandon Britton
The Devil's Great Commission 2008-05-04 pm Brandon Britton
Watch Your Step 2008-05-04 am Brandon Britton
Time to Love 2008-04-27 pm Glenn Colley
Isaiah 53 2008-04-27 am Glenn Colley
If Jesus Came To Earth Today 2008-04-20 am Glenn Colley
The Bible Heart 2008-04-13 pm Scott Perry
Perilous Times & Peaceful Times 2008-04-13 am Tim Rice
Q & A - 4/6/2008 2008-04-06 pm Glenn Colley
Imagination 2008-04-06 am Glenn Colley
Glorifying God 2008-03-30 am Glenn Colley
The Resurrection/Easter 2008-03-23 am Glenn Colley
How to become a Christian 2008-03-16 pm Glenn Colley
Josiah 2008-03-16 am Glenn Colley
Belonging 2008-03-09 am Paul Owen
Q & A 2008-03-02 pm Glenn Colley
A Lamp And A Light 2008-03-02 am Glenn Colley
Is The Bible Still The Bible? 2008-02-24 pm Caleb Colley
In Christ 2008-02-24 am Don McWhorter
1 Peter 4 2008-02-17 pm Glenn Colley
Christ's Second Coming 2008-02-17 am Glenn Colley
Psalm 73 2008-02-10 pm Glenn Colley
Manasseh 2008-02-10 am Glenn Colley
Commendations of Jesus 2008-02-03 pm Glenn Colley
Hezekiah: The Crisis of... 2008-02-03 am Glenn Colley
Ten Principles For A Moral Life 2008-01-27 am Glenn Colley
Patience and Longsuffering 2008-01-23 pm Paul Owen
A New Commandment I Give Thee 2008-01-20 am Glenn Colley
Pontius Pilate 2008-01-13 pm Paul Owen
David and Absalom 2008-01-13 am Paul Owen
Onesimus 2008-01-06 pm Paul Owen
We Have Not Passed This Way Before 2008-01-06 am Paul Owen
New Years Resolutions 2007-12-30 am Glenn Colley
Home 2007-12-23 am Glenn Colley
The Signs Of An Apostles 2007-12-16 pm Glenn Colley
The Fiery Furnace 2007-12-16 am Glenn Colley
Dangers Of The Internet 2007-12-12 pm Mike Ball
II Timothy 2007-12-09 pm Glenn Colley
Happiness 2007-12-09 am Glenn Colley
Gaius 2007-12-02 pm Glenn Colley
This is Jesus 2007-12-02 am Glenn Colley
Faith With No Boundary 2007-11-25 pm Lary Sanderson
Naaman 2007-11-25 am Glenn Colley
Withdrawal of Fellowship Q & A 2007-11-18 pm Glenn Colley
Withdrawal of Fellowship 2007-11-18 am Glenn Colley
Music In Worship 2007-11-11 pm Glenn Colley
Treasure Called Conscience 2007-11-11 am Glenn Colley
Q&A - 2007-10-28 2007-10-28 pm Glenn Colley
Esther 2007-10-28 am Glenn Colley
Jesus The Good Shepherd 2007-10-21 pm Cory Waddell
The Good Book 2007-10-21 am Glenn Colley
Giving - Luke 21 2007-10-14 pm Paul Owen
How Christ's Faithfulness Can Strengthen You - Hebrews 12: 1-8 2007-10-14 am Paul Owen
When The Children Leave Home 2007-10-07 pm Glenn Colley
Acts 5 - Ananias & Sapphira 2007-10-07 am Glenn Colley
How to Stay Married All of Your Life 2007-09-30 am Paul Owen
Husbands, How to Treat Your Wives 2007-09-23 pm Glenn Colley
Why I Attend Our Bible Classes 2007-09-23 am Glenn Colley
Six New Testament Baptisms 2007-09-16 pm Glenn Colley
The Extremities of Christ's Love 2007-09-16 am Glenn Colley
Is There Anything in a Name 2007-09-09 pm Glenn Colley
Contribution/Giving 2007-09-09 am Glenn Colley
It's not mine to give 2007-09-02 pm Glenn Colley
The Severity of God 2007-09-02 am Glenn Colley
Hebrews 13:5-6, I will never leave thee or forsake thee 2007-08-29 pm Brian Jarrett
Essentials of Evangelism 2007-08-26 am Glenn Colley
Opportunity for a Fresh Start 2007-08-22 pm Jeff Abrahms
Boys becoming Real Men(cont) part III 2007-08-19 pm Glenn Colley
Zion 2007-08-19 am Glenn Colley
A Matter of Trust 2007-08-15 pm Tim Orbison
Boys becoming Real Men (cont) 2007-08-12 pm Glenn Colley
Boys Becoming Real Men 2007-08-12 am Glenn Colley
God's Promise for Great Gain 2007-08-08 pm Jason Owen
Building Respect on the Job 2007-08-05 pm Glenn Colley
Mephibosheth 2007-08-05 am Glenn Colley
The Silencing of God Q and A 2007-08-02 pm Dave Miller
Second Peter 2007-08-01 pm Jimmy Clark
God's Grace 2007-07-29 am Glenn Colley
To Meet Your Needs 2007-07-25 pm Phillip Hines
Christian Maturity 2007-07-22 pm Paul Owen
Elders Responsibility 2007-07-22 am Gary Colley
The Promise of a Coming Judgment 2007-07-18 pm Larry Kilpatrick
Christian Life Issues 2007-07-15 pm Glenn Colley
Gideon 2007-07-15 am Glenn Colley
The Promise of Perfect Peace 2007-07-11 pm Ken Tyler
Mercy 2007-07-08 pm Glenn Colley
Unity In Psalm 133 2007-07-08 am Glenn Colley
Preaching The Kingdom 2007-07-01 pm Glenn Colley
Homosexuality 2007-07-01 am Glenn Colley
Promises Of His Word 2007-06-27 pm Carl Witty
Questions & Answers 2007-06-24 pm Glenn Colley
On The Job - Maintaining A Christian Aptitude In A Worldly Workplace 2007-06-24 am Gary Colley
Christ's Second Coming - I Thessalonians 4:13-18 2007-06-17 pm Earl Edwards
The Bible's Inspiration - II Timothy 3: 16-17 2007-06-17 class Earl Edwards
The Restoration Concept Is Valid 2007-06-17 am Earl Edwards
God's Most Famous Promise 2007-06-13 pm Randy Medlin
Finding Comfort In Psalm 23 2007-06-10 pm Matt Jones
Absalom 2007-06-10 am Glenn Colley
Of A Happy Ever After 2007-06-06 pm Allen Webster
Marriage and I Corinthians 7 - Part 2 2007-06-03 pm Glenn Colley
Marriage and I Corinthians 7 - Part 1 2007-06-03 am Glenn Colley
Unity Through Diversity 2007-05-27 pm Paul Owen
God's Lost and Found 2007-05-27 am Paul Owen
Five Pieces of Bible Wisdom for Graduation 2007-05-20 pm Glenn Colley
The Christian and Moderate Drinking 2007-05-20 am Glenn Colley
Changes That Have Occurred In Me Since I Became A Christian 2007-05-13 pm Glenn Colley
Things Only A Mother Can Do 2007-05-13 am Glenn Colley
Does Prayer Make A Difference 2007-05-06 pm Paul Owen
Stress, Can We Cope? 2007-05-06 am Paul Owen
What Is The Gift Of The Holy Spirit 2007-04-29 pm Glenn Colley
Important Lessons Learned From The Tragic Winkler Case 2007-04-29 am Glenn Colley
Standing Naked Before God 2007-04-25 pm Dan Jenkins
Take Off Your Shoes 2007-04-24 pm Dan Jenkins
What About Those Dirty Clothes 2007-04-23 pm Dan Jenkins
Heaven's Clothing 2007-04-22 pm Dan Jenkins
You'll Never See a Skinny Bird 2007-04-22 class Dan Jenkins
Following a Trail of Blood 2007-04-22 am Dan Jenkins
Youth Night 2007-04-15 pm Youth
When A Savior Cries 2007-04-15 am Glenn Colley
Don't grow weary in well doing 2007-04-08 pm Glenn Colley
Families Who Have Been With Jesus 2007-04-08 am Glenn Colley
The Man Who Played The Fool - Part II 2007-04-01 pm Glenn Colley
The Man Who Played The Fool - Part I 2007-04-01 am Glenn Colley
How Christians Love Each Other 2007-03-25 pm Glenn Colley
John Sixteen 2007-03-25 am Glenn Colley
Two Reasons To Want To Obey The Gospel 2007-03-18 pm Glenn Colley
The Woman Called "Princess" - Sarah 2007-03-18 am Glenn Colley
Friends 2007-03-11 pm Lary Sanderson
An Elementary Way To Talk To People About The Scriptures 2007-03-11 pm Glenn Colley
Amram And Jochebed - "Faith" 2007-03-11 am Glenn Colley
Hope 2007-03-04 pm Lary Sanderson
Christ Our Foundation: 1st Corinthians 3:11 2007-03-04 am Paul Owen
Joseph - They Meant It For Evil, God Meant It For Good! 2007-02-25 pm Paul Owen
Husbands, Love Your Wives 2007-02-25 am Paul Owen
The Power Of Our Words 2007-02-18 pm Paul Owen
God's Work, God's Way - 2 Samuel 6 2007-02-18 am Paul Owen
My Soul - Part 2 - Is It Possible To Barter Away My Soul 2007-02-11 pm Glenn Colley
My Soul - Part 1 - My Most Valuable Possession 2007-02-11 am Glenn Colley
John The Baptist/Dancing 2007-02-04 pm Glenn Colley
Thou Shalt Not Kill - Respecting The Sanctity Of Human Life 2007-02-04 am Glenn Colley
Getting Over Past Regrets 2007-01-28 pm Paul Owen
David And Abigail 2007-01-28 am Paul Owen
When Logic Moved Men 2007-01-21 pm Glenn Colley
Paul's Closing Words 2007-01-21 am Glenn Colley
The Almighty God 2007-01-14 pm Glenn Colley
The Church Is Forever 2007-01-14 am Glenn Colley
The Proper Care Of Enemies 2007-01-07 pm Glenn Colley
Characteristics Of A Christian 2007-01-07 am Glenn Colley
Seven Aids To Help You Partake Of The Lord's Supper 2006-12-31 am Glenn Colley
Five Things To Give Your Children For Christmas 2006-12-24 pm Glenn Colley
The Five Best Things to Give Your Children This Year For Christmas 2006-12-24 am Glenn Colley
Joseph, Mary's Husband 2006-12-17 pm Glenn Colley
Mary 2006-12-17 am Glenn Colley
Q & A - 12-10-2006 2006-12-10 pm Glenn Colley
Babel's Tower: The dreams of men 2006-12-10 am Glenn Colley
The Final Evaluation Of Life 2006-12-03 pm Gary Colley
The Day Jerusalem Would Rise And Shine 2006-12-03 am Glenn Colley
Elijah part II 2006-11-26 pm Glenn Colley
Elijah part I 2006-11-26 am Glenn Colley
James The Brother Of Jesus 2006-11-19 pm Glenn Colley
The Brevity Of Life 2006-11-19 am Glenn Colley
How To Avoid Infidelity 2006-11-12 pm Paul Owen
The Way Of Two Men 2006-11-12 am Paul Owen
The Truth About The Coming Judgment 2006-11-08 pm Sam Jones
The Truth About The Doctrines Of Men 2006-11-07 pm Sam Jones
The Truth About The Church 2006-11-06 pm Sam Jones
The Truth About Acceptable Worship 2006-11-05 pm Sam Jones
The Truth About The Nature Of God 2006-11-05 class Sam Jones
The Truth About Baptism 2006-11-05 am Sam Jones
Good Manners For The Church 2006-10-29 pm Glenn Colley
Respecter Of Persons 2006-10-29 am Glenn Colley
How To Help Hurting People 2006-10-22 pm Paul Owen
Heaven 2006-10-22 am Paul Owen
The Seven Ones 2006-10-15 pm Glenn Colley
Understanding The Sleep Of Death 2006-10-15 am Glenn Colley
What Is Sin Part 2 2006-10-08 pm Glenn Colley
What Is Sin 2006-10-08 am Glenn Colley
Relationships Within The Church 2006-10-01 pm Glenn Colley
The Apostles Impassioned Plea For Your Life -- The Verse Americans Most Need. 2006-10-01 am Glenn Colley
Faith Shouldn't Be Like A Cup On The Freeway 2006-09-24 pm Paul Owen
The Contrast Between Lazarus And The Rich Man 2006-09-24 am Paul Owen
Four Letter Words To Teach Your Children 2006-09-17 pm Glenn Colley
When The Church Must Withdraw 2006-09-17 am Glenn Colley
Phylacteries Of The Bible 2006-09-10 pm Glenn Colley
Five Questions Satan Can't Answer 2006-09-10 am Glenn Colley
Restoration And Organization Of The Church 2006-09-03 pm Glenn Colley
The Number Seven 2006-09-03 am Glenn Colley
Seven Habits of Highly Effective Husbands 2006-08-30 pm Mark Posey
Marriage 2006-08-27 pm Glenn Colley
Understanding A Wife's Position & Power 2006-08-27 am Glenn Colley
Visionary Leadership 2006-08-23 pm Blake Nicholas
One Thing 2006-08-20 pm Glenn Colley
Characteristics Of Being A Christian 2006-08-20 am Glenn Colley
The Necessity Of Becoming A Steadfast Christian 2006-08-16 pm Jason Moon
How We Got The Bible 2006-08-13 pm Caleb Colley
Science And The Bible 2006-08-13 am Caleb Colley
Stormy Weather 2006-08-09 pm Randy Pyle
Christian Ethics 2006-08-06 pm Glenn Colley
Distinguishing Between The Temporary And The Permanent 2006-08-06 am Glenn Colley
Why I Love The Lord's Church 2006-08-02 pm Keith Anderson
How Do You View The Bible 2006-07-30 pm Glenn Colley
Raised From The Dead & Servants Like Dorcus 2006-07-30 am Glenn Colley
Unity 2006-07-26 pm Jeff Abrams
What Things In The Bible Are Said To Be Impossible 2006-07-23 pm Glenn Colley
The Personality Of The Holy Spirit 2006-07-23 am Gary Colley
Seven Habits of Highly Spiritual People 2006-07-19 pm Ricky Phillips
What The Old Testament Says About Divorce 2006-07-16 pm Glenn Colley
The Church Of The New Testament 2006-07-16 am Glenn Colley
Dr. Do-Little 2006-07-12 pm Dave Stewart
Things That Didn't Move Paul 2006-07-09 pm Glenn Colley
The Two Trees 2006-07-09 am Glenn Colley
And But and So 2006-07-05 pm James Andrews
Q & A 2006-07-02 pm Glenn Colley
Restoring Our Confidence 2006-07-02 am Glenn Colley
Justifying Your Faith 2006-06-25 pm Glenn Colley
The Lords Day 2006-06-25 am Glenn Colley
Faith In The Resurrection 2006-06-21 pm David Sain
A God Who See's In Secret 2006-06-18 pm Glenn Colley
The Givens 2006-06-18 am Glenn Colley
Twelve Lords, One Servant 2006-06-14 pm Scotty Sparks
Is Your Name Written In The Book Of Life 2006-06-11 pm John Denney
Putting The Kingdom Of God First 2006-06-11 am Carey Waddell
John 3:16 2006-06-07 pm Brandon Britton
The Old Rugged Cross 2006-06-04 pm Kilby Smith
Settling Offences In a Christian Manner 2006-06-04 am Carey Waddell
Would A Man Rob God 2006-05-28 pm Caleb Colley
Under Construction: Lessons form Nehemiah 2006-05-28 am Caleb Colley
Q & A about Worship 2006-05-21 pm Glenn Colley
"Worship" The Sabbath or The First 2006-05-21 am Glenn Colley
Lessons From The Titanic 2006-05-14 pm Glenn Colley
Queen of the Bible 2006-05-14 am Glenn Colley
The Devil's Devices "Death" 2006-05-10 pm Andy Kizer
The Devil's Devices "Dreams" 2006-05-09 pm Andy Kizer
The Devil's Devices "Distraction" 2006-05-08 pm Andy Kizer
The Devil's Devices "Discouragement" 2006-05-07 pm Andy Kizer
The Devil's Devices "Deception" 2006-05-07 class Andy Kizer
The Devil's Devices "Doubt" 2006-05-07 am Andy Kizer
Rain 2006-04-30 pm Glenn Colley
Getting Ready For The Meeting With Andy Kizer 2006-04-30 am Glenn Colley
Raising Children in the Lord 2006-04-23 pm Glenn Colley
Bringing Someone To Christ 2006-04-23 am Glenn Colley
He Opened My Eyes 2006-04-16 pm Caleb Colley
The Light of The World 2006-04-16 am Caleb Colley
How To Bring My Lost Child Home 2006-04-09 pm Glenn Colley
The Deaf Ministry 2006-04-09 am Lary Sanderson
The Best is yet to Come - Senior Women 2006-04-02 pm Glenn Colley
The Best is yet to Come - Senior Men 2006-04-02 am Glenn Colley
Mission Trip to Argentina 2006-03-26 pm Mark Bailey
Fellowship in the Gospel 2006-03-26 am Glenn Colley
Being a Steward 2006-03-19 pm Paul Owen
Stewardship 2006-03-19 class Paul Owen
Earthly Treasures 2006-03-19 am Paul Owen
The Place of Baptism in Salvation 2006-03-12 pm Caleb Colley
The Infallibly Safe Way 2006-03-12 am Caleb Colley
Have you Talked to Anyone About Their Soul 2006-03-05 pm Glenn Colley
Abraham and Lot 2006-03-05 am Glenn Colley
Q & A - 2-26-2006 2006-02-26 pm Glenn Colley
Learning to Hate Divorce 2006-02-26 am Glenn Colley
Forgetting the Things Which are Behind 2006-02-19 pm Glenn Colley
The Incomparable God 2006-02-19 am Glenn Colley
The Great Thing About Angels 2006-02-12 pm Glenn Colley
Joseph and Potifers Wife 2006-02-12 am Glenn Colley
Deacons 2006-02-05 pm Glenn Colley
Respect 2006-02-05 am Glenn Colley
There are Times in Our Lives We Have to Face Our Galgotha 2006-01-29 pm Glenn Colley
Contrasts Between the Lost and the Saved 2006-01-29 am Glenn Colley
The Prodigal Son; What did he say? 2006-01-22 pm Glenn Colley
Rest and Yoke 2006-01-22 am Glenn Colley
Law and Grace 2006-01-15 pm Glenn Colley
The Problem with Alcohol 2006-01-15 am Glenn Colley
Question and Answer 0108 2006-01-08 pm Glenn Colley
Take Heed Lest Ye Fall 2006-01-08 am Glenn Colley
Do You Want to Make This the Best Year Ever? 2006-01-01 pm Glenn Colley
Faithfulness 2006-01-01 am Glenn Colley
Man and Peace with God 2005-12-25 pm Glenn Colley
Interesting Thoughts Surrounding the Birth of Jesus 2005-12-25 am Glenn Colley
The Word of God in Difficult Times 2005-12-18 pm Gary Colley
What Crucified Christ 2005-12-18 am Glenn Colley
Gray Areas 2005-12-11 pm Glenn Colley
Abraham 2005-12-11 am Glenn Colley
Mission Emphasis 2005-12-04 pm Glenn Colley
The Lambs Book of Life 2005-12-04 am Glenn Colley
Feet 2005-11-27 pm Glenn Colley
Salt 2005-11-27 am Glenn Colley
How did Jesus Face Stress 2005-11-20 pm Glenn Colley
God is Involved in my Life 2005-11-20 am Glenn Colley
Building my Christian Commitment - Remembering and Honoring the Blood 2005-11-16 pm David Sain
Building my Christian Commitment - Choosing to Serve 2005-11-15 pm David Sain
Building my Christian Commitment - Choosing How I Live on Earth 2005-11-14 pm David Sain
Building my Christian Commitment - Be a Meek Christian 2005-11-13 pm David Sain
Building my Christian Commitment - Knowledge of God's Word 2005-11-13 class David Sain
Building my Christian Commitment - A Devoted Follower of Jesus Christ 2005-11-13 am David Sain
Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth 2005-11-06 pm Caleb Colley
What is it about Children that we Should Imitate 2005-11-06 am Caleb Colley
Is Islam Compatible with Christianity - pt. 3 2005-10-23 pm Glenn Colley
A Parable of Huntsville 2005-10-23 am Glenn Colley
Is Islam Compatible with Christianity - pt. 2 2005-10-16 pm Glenn Colley
How to Really Love Your Husband or Wife 2005-10-16 am Glenn Colley
Is Islam Compatible with Christianity - pt. 1 2005-10-09 pm Glenn Colley
How to put a Golden Band on the Right Left Hand 2005-10-09 am Glenn Colley
The Flood 2005-10-02 pm Caleb Colley
Can We Know What is Good 2005-10-02 am Caleb Colley
After the Last Supper 2005-09-25 pm Glenn Colley
Fall in Love with the Apostle Paul 2005-09-25 am Glenn Colley
Katrina Relief 2005-09-18 pm Assorted Men
A History Lesson - Intertestament Period 2005-09-18 am Glenn Colley
The Last Day 2005-09-11 am Glenn Colley
Questions and Answers 2005-09-04 pm Glenn Colley
How do You Know there is a Heaven 2005-09-04 am Glenn Colley
How do We Know that the Bible is from God - pt. 2 2005-08-28 pm Caleb Colley
How do We Know that the Bible is from God - pt. 1 2005-08-28 am Caleb Colley
God is Compassionate 2005-08-21 am Glenn Colley
Clothing and my Christianity 2005-08-14 am Glenn Colley
God's Love 2005-08-07 pm Caleb Colley
The Great Escape 2005-08-07 am Caleb Colley
What Adheres Christians to Service 2005-07-31 pm Glenn Colley
Philippians 2005-07-31 am Glenn Colley
Predestination 2005-07-24 pm Keith Anderson
The Holy Spirit 2005-07-24 am Glenn Colley
Obadiah 2005-07-17 pm Glenn Colley
If I were the Devil 2005-07-17 am Glenn Colley
Music 2005-07-10 pm Glenn Colley
Christians and Civil Government 2005-07-10 am Glenn Colley
Pedigree of Jesus 2005-07-03 am Glenn Colley
All Sufficient Scriptures 2005-06-26 pm Glenn Colley
The House of God 2005-06-26 am Glenn Colley
Soldiers of Christ 2005-06-19 pm George Coffel
A Father Who Got it Right 2005-06-19 am Caleb Colley
Christ, Salvation, and Sinners 2005-06-12 pm David Sain
Who is Jesus 2005-06-12 am Caleb Colley
The Gentle Verse 2005-06-05 pm Glenn Colley
I Want to Bee a Worker for the Lord 2005-06-05 am Glenn Colley
The Last Week of Christ's Life 2005-05-29 am Glenn Colley
Five Principles for Graduates 2005-05-22 pm Glenn Colley
Does Jesus Know and Care 2005-05-22 am Glenn Colley
The Importance of Studying God's Word 2005-05-15 am John Denney
The Need for Pain 2005-05-08 pm Glenn Colley
Mothers 2005-05-08 am Glenn Colley
Maturity of Paul 2005-04-24 pm Glenn Colley
About the Papacy 2005-04-24 am Glenn Colley
(Report on Booneville) Failure 2005-04-17 pm Paul Owen
Revenge 2005-04-17 am Paul Owen
Tribute Fish 2005-04-10 pm Glenn Colley
Portrait Galleries - Jacob 2005-04-10 am Glenn Colley
A Parental Challenge 2005-04-03 pm Glenn Colley
What is a Christian 2005-04-03 am Glenn Colley
Observations on Terri Shiavo 2005-03-27 pm Glenn Colley
Hold to the Real Father's Hand 2005-03-27 am Glenn Colley
Qualifications of Elders - part 2 2005-03-20 pm Glenn Colley
Qualifications of Elders - part 1 2005-03-20 am Glenn Colley
May I Call You Father 2005-03-13 pm Glenn Colley
Seeing Things Invisible 2005-03-13 am Glenn Colley
Lying 2005-03-06 am Glenn Colley
What Women Want Most 2005-02-27 am Glenn Colley
Everything You Need 2005-02-20 pm Stephen Cantrell
What Defines Us 2005-02-20 am Stephen Cantrell
Good Tidings to Come 2005-02-13 pm Denver Cooper
Lovest Thou Me 2005-02-13 am Denver Cooper
Change Movement Among the Churches of Christ - part 3 2005-02-06 pm Glenn Colley
Change Movement Among the Churches of Christ - part 2 2005-02-06 am Glenn Colley
Personal Work? Me? 2005-01-30 pm Jerry Weldon
Changing Our Thinking 2005-01-30 am Jerry Weldon
Weve Lost Our Song 2005-01-26 pm Terry Finley
Change Movement Among the Churches of Christ - part 1 2005-01-23 pm Glenn Colley
Marriage and the Family 2005-01-23 am Glenn Colley
The Words of My Mouth 2005-01-16 pm Glenn Colley
Baptism 2005-01-16 am Glenn Colley
Pre-Denominational 2005-01-09 pm Glenn Colley
Trouble 2005-01-09 am Glenn Colley
An Interview with Christ - part 2 2005-01-02 pm Glenn Colley
An Interview with Christ - part 1 2005-01-02 am Glenn Colley
Judgement Day 2004-12-26 pm Glenn Colley
Resolutions for a New Year 2004-12-26 am Glenn Colley
Christmas from a Material Point of View 2004-12-19 pm Glenn Colley
I Love Jesus, Even at Christmas Time 2004-12-19 am Glenn Colley
Zacchaeus 2004-12-12 pm Glenn Colley
The Love of God 2004-12-12 am Glenn Colley
Question and Answer 2004-12-05 pm Glenn Colley
Church Discipline 2004-12-05 am Glenn Colley
The Church 2004-11-28 pm David Sain
The Rich Man and Lazrus 2004-11-28 am Glenn Colley
Evangelism 2004-11-21 pm Glenn Colley
I'm Saved and I'm Happy 2004-11-21 am Glenn Colley
What's the Standard? 2004-11-14 pm Glenn Colley
Where's the Piano 2004-11-14 am Glenn Colley
Be Content 2004-11-07 pm Brandon Britton
Names 2004-11-07 am Brandon Britton
Isaiah 53 and the Eunich 2004-10-31 pm Glenn Colley
Don't Move the Landmarks 2004-10-31 am Glenn Colley
The Soul at Death 2004-10-27 pm Hardeman Nichols
The Hand of God 2004-10-26 pm Hardeman Nichols
The New Birth 2004-10-25 pm Hardeman Nichols
The Wonderful Christ 2004-10-24 pm Hardeman Nichols
For What is a Friend 2004-10-24 class Hardeman Nichols
Let's Talk About the Family 2004-10-24 am Hardeman Nichols
Love is the Greatest Thing in the World 2004-09-26 am Earl Weldon

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