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UPDATE: Sign language classes are held Sunday afternoons at 4pm.

The Church of Christ at West Huntsville has ASL (American Sign Language) interpreters for our deaf members and visitors at each and every worship service. There are several men in the congregation that assist in the sign language interpretation of services. There is also a Bible class on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening that uses sign language as its primary means of communication. Occasionally there is a separate worship service that is conducted entirely in sign (with speech interpretation if there are hearing members present).

Additionally, the Church of Christ at West Huntsville has sign language training classes that meet at 4:00 p.m. each Sunday afternoon. The class cycle starts with basic classes in September of each year, gradually moving to the more advanced classes a few months later, continuing until the summer, but newcomers are welcome to join at any time. These classes have an informal, relaxed atmosphere and are open to anyone that would like to learn or practice sign language. The basics of communicating in ASL are not difficult to pick up, and our deaf members are very friendly and supportive to those trying to learn their language. Sometimes our sign classes are actually taught in whole or part by our deaf members. No registration or fee is required for the class.

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Schedule of Services

Sunday Morning Worship: 9:00am

Sunday Morning Bible Class: 10:20am

Sunday Evening Worship: 5:00pm

Wednesday Evening Bible Class: 7:00pm

Regularly Scheduled Activities

Beginners' Sign Language Class: Sunday Afternoons at 4:00pm

Hair Care @ Brookshire Nursing Home: Tuesday Mornings

Dorcus Class: Wednesday Mornings

Golden Seniors: Thursday Mornings

Service Group Meetings: Sunday Evenings after Worship

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