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For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. -Ephesians 2:10 [NKJV]

West Huntsville Works

This page describes the many works our members perform. The works listed here have been grouped under the categories benevolence, edification, and evangelism. As you can probably imagine, some activities logically fall under more than one category, but they are only listed once under their primary area. After the description of the work are the names of those in charge of it. The name listed first is the primary responsible party with others listed being the primary helpers. An asterisk after someone's name indicates that they are a deacon. In most cases, many other people are involved in each work in addition to those listed, but it would be impossible to list everyone-- those listed should be considered primary points of contact for the associated work.

All works are ultimately under the oversight of our elders, who are:

  • Tony Anderson
  • Louis Benavides
  • Alan Foy
  • Glenn Holmes

If you would like to be involved in any of the works below, or if you need the assistance described, please contact the person in charge of that work. Or, if you would like to get more involved but don't know what area might be the best fit for you, Paul Owen (our involvement minister) would be happy to meet with you and find something for you to do. We look forward to working with you for the glory of God!




This work consists of helping the needy by researching the need and providing food, shelter, or funds as appropriate. The unemployed are provided assistance in finding jobs. In addition to the physical needs, the spiritual needs are the most important and each person helped physically also receives counseling and instruction in God's word.

  • Jason Clarke*


The elderly and/or infirm are assisted by making needed repairs to their residences and caring for their grounds by mowing grass or raking leaves.

  • Shawn Turner
  • Brad Mitchell


Provides support, assistance, and counselling to those experiencing life, health, and/or emotional problems.

  • Elders
  • Ministers



Audio Visual

Keeps a sufficient quantity of associated equipment in stock and in working order to be used by those preaching or teaching classes. Upon request, this equipment will be set up for your use. Records all sermons and special classes and makes copies for people as requested. Maintains lesson availability on web site.

  • B. C. Smith*

Building Care

Prepares and administers contracts for the cleaning of our building. Oversees the building janitor(s). The one in charge of this work must be notified of any special activity in the building so that necessary janitorial work can be scheduled.

  • Rodney Ratledge*


Provides fellowship, involvement, and student activities on campus and/or at the building. The purpose is to provide an atmosphere to retain and strengthen students who are currently Christians and to teach and convert their friends and others who attend the various activities.

  • Matt Rubelsky


Plans and coordinates all aspects of our Bible school program. This includes planning the curriculum, selecting teachers, ordering all materials, training teachers and utilizing our facility judiciously. Conducts workshops and the teachers' appreciation dinner. Develops and follows an eight-year educational plan for the weekly Bible classes which ensures each book of the Bible is taught to each person within this time-span, in addition to various topical subjects. See the Bible Classes page for a current schedule.

  • Paul Owen (Educational Director)

Environmental Control System

Oversees all aspects of the heating and cooling system by controlling thermostat settings for the comfort of the majority. Repairs and maintains equipment as needed. Keep abreast of events taking place at the building so that the temperature can be adjusted to provide a comfortable environment.

  • Jeff Wells
  • Sam Hurst


Plans and coordinates activities which are structured to provide social and recreational fellowship for our adults.

  • Brandon Rhodes*
  • Ben Stevenson

Golden Seniors

Plans and coordinates weekly Bible classes, fellowship meals, and other social activities for those 60 and older.

  • Tony Mathias


Assigns greeters to meet visitors and obtain visitors names and addresses.

  • Pat Wright


Our ladies are very active and have planned activities throughout the year. This program stresses the importance of Bible knowledge, faithfulness, and service. See also our Ladies Ministry page.

  • Virginia Carden
  • Alissa Clarke

Lawn and Landscaping

Prepares/administers contract and oversees the workers who cut the grass, and includes maintaining/trimming the shrubbery, maintaining/weeding the flower beds, and planting/reseeding and fertilizing.

  • Mark Aders*


Coordinates and oversees all repairs and modifications to existing facilities unless contained in other works.

  • Rodney Ratledge*
  • Paul Owen


Photographs all new members for inclusion on our picture boards. Plans and provides guidance for picture directories. Takes pictures at special events. Provides other photography needs as required.

  • John Wright
  • Leah Wright


Oversees the building security system. This includes selecting/overseeing ones who open and close the building. Maintains all keys to the building and keeps record of those who have keys. Maintains code assignments for the security system.

  • Stephen Anderson
  • Matt Beard

Service Groups

Every member is assigned to a group based on the location of where they live. Group leaders are selected on a rotating basis. The groups meet weekly for information and assignments to send cards or make calls/visits to the sick, absentees, and visitors. Food is prepared for the sick. Family needs are provided by the group to which the family has been assigned with assistance from the other groups as required.

  • Tom Collier*
  • Keith Anderson*

Special Events

This is the planning, directing, and coordinating of activities and events which occur on a yearly basis. These events and the person responsible are as follows:

  • Men's Retreat: Glenn Colley
  • Family Bible Week: Paul Owen
  • Spring Meeting: Paul Owen
  • Fall Meeting: Glenn Colley
  • Special Seminars: Elders/Paul/Glenn


Selects and obtains spiritual tracts for racks and handouts to visitors/prospects and for campaigns. Assures accuracy of the tracts.

  • Mark Holder*


Provides transportation to those members who would be unable to attend otherwise. Includes maintaining vehicles, ensuring drivers available for each service and coordinating all requests for using the van.

  • Richard Todd*
  • James Weaver


This ministry leader will plan and organize the effort to maintain personal contact on a monthly basis with shut-ins and other older faithful members who need visits. We visit all of our local visitors who leave us their names and addresses. The purpose is to make them feel welcome and inform them of our various works and activities. Naturally we encourage them to become a part of our family.

  • Glenn Holmes

Welcome Home

This program ensures that all new members become involved and establish contact with others to develop ties and fellowship. The new members are invited to homes on a monthly basis for about a six-month period for dinner and fellowship with some of our members.

  • Randy Steelman*

Worship Planning

Selects sermon subjects and solicits input from the elders and congregation.

  • Glenn Colley

Selects/coordinates song leaders for each service and singers for funerals when requested.

  • Office

Those who will serve communion are selected by the office. The deacon oversees communion servers, commentators, clean up, and preparation of emblems. Maintain the necessary supplies.

  • Marlon Thompson*
  • Jason Smith*

Selects and ensures prayer leaders are present for each service.

  • Nathan Anderson*

Selects ushers to assist with seating, attendance, and counting.

  • Tim McCrary
  • Josh Sells*


Provides a program to strengthen and motivate our youth. Plans youth camp, retreats, devotionals, mission trips, activities at area nursing homes, and fellowships. The purpose is to strengthen spirituality. Stresses the importance of faithfulness and service as well as providing fellowship in a wholesome environment.

  • Keith Anderson*

Sub Task: Lads-to-Leaders / Leaderettes

Participate in the Lads/Leaderettes Program locally and in the national convention. This program helps to develop the talents of our youth and the readiness to use these talents. Our emphasis is on spiritual development and not on winning trophies.

  • Coordinator - Mark Bailey*
  • Bible Bowl - Jeff Wells
  • Boys' Speech - Chris Wakefield
  • Girls' Speech - Ellen Anderson
  • Boys' Song Leading - Clint Dozier*
  • Girls' Song of Praise - Ellen Anderson
  • Puppets - Valerie Morgan and Julia Gary
  • G.I.F.T.S. - Alissa Clarke
  • G.U.A.R.D. - Jason Clarke
  • Debate - Glenn Colley




Maintain adequate computers and associated software for use in the office and throughout the building. This also includes computers to support presentations, internet connectivity at the building, and support of computers used for Environmental Control Systems.

  • John David Johnson

Deaf Ministry

Provides interpretation in sign language for the deaf at all worship services, Bible classes, and special activities. Trains members in sign language for fellowship and assistance with the deaf program. Develops interests within the deaf community to participate in our deaf program and use for evangelistic purposes. See also our Sign Language page.

  • Derrick Smith
  • Troy Jones

Extension Works

Conducts worship services, devotionals, and singings at Kindred Big Springs (aka Big Spring Manor) and Merrill Gardens facilities.

  • James Weaver

Hospital Visitation

This program ensures visits are made to members and/or their relatives. Helps the critically and terminally ill by providing sitters or other assistance and places literature in hospitals and doctors' offices.

  • Mike Minshew

Hospital Work

Develops a working relationship with the local hospitals so that snack baskets can be placed in selected waiting areas. Baskets are prepared and placed in approved areas and then are kept filled with a supply of snacks.

  • Clint Dozier*


This committee maintains contact with our missionaries. They provide encouragement through communications and special campaigns. They provide budget inputs and screen requests for mission assistance by those other than our current missionaries. They assist in the selection of new works with the elders making final decision.

  • James Andrews - Committee Chairman

Personal Work

Plans and organizes campaigns with the objective being to set up and conduct studies. Maintains records of studies. Studies are also set up from inputs from benevolence, service groups.

  • Paul Owen

Streaming Services

Plans and delivers web streaming services for all worship services as an evangelistic outreach effort. Coordinates, trains, and assigns operators to deliver live streaming of services. Edits, posts and archives all video and audio services.

  • Josh Sells*

Web Site

Develop and maintain an attractive web site which describes West Huntsville and our works. Emphasis is to attract newcomers to the city and to provide access for members and others who wish to hear or use our sermons for teaching.

  • Troy Jones
  • Jennifer Benavides

World Bible School

Coordinates the distribution and grading of courses to all locations outside of the local area. Majority of effort is in overseas locations.

  • Jason Smith*

Upcoming Worship

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Regularly Scheduled Activities

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Hair Care @ Brookshire Nursing Home: Tuesday Mornings

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Golden Seniors: Thursday Mornings

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