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This video describes KidSing and demonstrates how it works. More information on KidSing can be found below.

KidSing is the brainchild of Glenn Colley, the pulpit preacher at West Huntsville Church of Christ. We have about 10 to 15 minutes of this each Sunday evening before beginning our worship service. Glenn uses this as a fun way for the youth (and adults) to gain knowledge of the scriptures through memorization of facts found within the Bible. The facts are recorded on cards for quick reference. Generally, each fact is matched with a corresponding passage of scripture. The cards can be found below:

When one of the youth memorizes a card of facts and recites it to one of the elders, they are given a trophy for their efforts. This is not something that happens by accident, as it requires an effort by these young people to achieve this. While they are happy to learn and recite these cards for the trophy, we know that the knowledge is the ultimate reward. These young men and women will grow up with this knowledge and will remember it throughout their lives.

Along with the cards, there is singing and recitation. We have learned many verses of scripture by singing some of the songs from "Hannah's Hundred". We have learned the names of the twelve sons of Jacob. We can recite by memory the names of the sixty-six books of the Bible. How about the Twelve Apostles? This is an enjoyable time of learning for everyone in the congregation, but especially for the youth.

Glenn ends every session of KidSing with a group of special questions. By answering these questions, the children solidfy in their minds four foundational principles of living as a Christian that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

  • What is true success?   Living your life and going to heaven.
  • What is true failure?   Living your life and NOT going to heaven.
  • What is God's ideal for marriage?   One man for one woman for life.
  • When I grow up, I want to marry?   A CHRISTIAN!
  • What is the KidSing rule?   Always do the right thing.

The information provided here about KidSing is free to use. If you would like more information about KidSing or "Hannah's Hundred", please Contact Us.

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